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Find Greenland Facts and Travel Inspiration

A trip to Greenland is a dream come true to many people. Maybe you have been dreaming and planning for a long time. In fact, planning is highly recommended when visiting as large a country as Greenland, which stretches 2,670 kilometers from north to south. It is simply impossible to cover it all in 1-2 weeks. However, no matter where you go in Greenland, you are guaranteed to bring back an experience of your lifetime.

In this inspirational section we want to provide you with a quick overview of where you should go if you want to see icebergs in the midnight sun and when to go if you want to experience the rush of riding a dogsled. The inspirational guide will also help you plan out your trip, so you do not have to spend all your time travelling across huge distances, but can experience the regions one by one.

Popular things to do in Greenland

In the ‘popular experiences’ section we have gathered the experiences that many of our guests highlight as some of their biggest experiences during their Greenland adventure. Perhaps they have witnessed the Greenland right whale flip its gigantic tail while on a whale safari, entered dreamland on a midnight boat trip among the icebergs floating in the Icefjord or been enthralled by the magical flicker of the northern lights on a dark winter sky.

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Popular places to visit in Greenland

Reading the sections ‘popular places’, ‘popular towns’ and ‘a geographical tour’, you will learn that the Disco Bay in Northern Greenland is the place to go if you dream about seeing calving glaciers and sailing among icebergs below the midnight sun. If, on the other hand, you want to hike in some really desolate places with rugged and steep mountains, Eastern Greenland should be your destination.

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When to visit Greenland

Last but not least you can read about, which time of year you should visit Greenland if you want to see the magical northern lights and ride a dogsled or if you want to hike and see the golden hue of the midnight sun. Here, you can also read about the advantages of travelling during spring or autumn – one of which being price-related.

Find out more about the seasons and the weather in Greenland

Guide to Greenland holidays

In guide to Greenland holidays you find an overall introduction of Greenland as travel destination, when, where and how to find your dream Greenland holiday.

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