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Greenland has many beautiful places to visit. Read about the regions, towns, settlements, and about the country's geography.

Greenland geographically

When planning your trip, you will quickly realize that Greenland is the world’s largest island and a huge area with exciting contrasts. In such a large country, we recommend that you choose one or up to two or three destinations. If you choose more, they should not be too far apart. What you choose depends on what you want to experience, and you can read about that here.

Greenland differs from most other places by having a very special infrastructure. No towns are connected by roads and, at the same time, the country is almost immeasurably large. From north to south, Greenland runs 2,670 kilometers, which is like from Scotland to the Sahara Desert or Canada to the Florida Keys. Therefore, all transport between towns and settlements takes place either by air, on water or on foot, ski, with dog sled, or snowmobile.


The regions of Greenland

About 80 % of Greenland is covered by the ice sheet, but the ice-free area is a huge area, nevertheless. Here you can hike, ride on go dog sledding, sail and get close to glaciers and lush valleys. Greenland spreads itself far south and far north of the Arctic Circle. In general, the southern part is lush, while the very northern parts are close to the North Pole.

In the text below, you can read briefly about the characteristics of the four regions. Of course, some things are similar from region to region, but we have tried to emphasize some of the things that we, and Visit Greenland (Greenland’s National Tourist Board), highlight as typical.

West Greenland

West Greenland - gateway with capital and the Greenland Ice Sheet

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Photo by Allan Tuxen - MVR Drone
Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen - Visit Greenland