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Glacier Hiking

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If you are into fantastic nature and cool activities, you should go on a glacier hike! Experience the incredible crevasses and meltwater lakes of the ice.

Glacier walking is considered by many to be dangerous and foolhardy. And it is true; it can be dangerous. Therefore, we cooperate with the best guides and companies when we offer glacier hikes. You will go to places where the ice is tested, and the guides have great experience in the area, so that we ensure safety, whether we step onto the ice at Ilimanaq or Kangerlussuaq.

We offer glacier walking at Ilimanaq and Glacier Camp Eqi, and at Kangerlussuaq, you can easily step onto the solid ice of the Greenland Ice Sheet.


Full-day adventure on the ice sheet


Stepping onto the Greenland Ice Sheet is an amazing experience that many people take in when they visit Kangerlussuaq. It is, however, an even bigger adventure to hike on the ice on a mini-expedition. On our exciting day trip, you hike on the Ice Sheet with an experienced guide, and you have four hours to explore the ice sheet.

You will be equipped with crampons and hiking poles, and then it is off to the ice. Most people who hike in ordinary hilly terrain can also hike on the ice. In this area, it is not more difficult to walk on the ice sheet than in the other hills around the ice sheet.

Most people who visit the Greenland Ice Sheet, rarely go more than 200 meters in on the ice cap. On this day trip, however, you will walk among icy hills and icy valleys, surrounded by crystal blue rivers, creeks, waterfalls, and lakes, all of which are formed by meltwater from the ice. Below your feet, you have up to 500 meters thick, ancient ice!


Glacier walking and accommodation on the ice


This excursion is also available with an overnight stay in a tent camp on the ice. You hike on the ice to a tent camp, and from here you will go on several walks, including one where you get close to the Russell Glacier, giving you a truly unique icy experience (at a safe distance from the glacier, of course).


Glacier walking, sailing, and ATV driving


There are only a few places in Greenland that you can go on an excursion with an ATV, but on this trip, we use ATVs to go to the Tasiuaq fjord system, and then we continue with a speed boat to the edge of the Ice Sheet.

We sail southwards from Ilimanaq until we reach the bay of Itilliup Ilua. Here we go ashore on a wide sandy beach and continue as passengers on two large off-road vehicles. We drive over the plain with an amazing view of mountains and wide valleys until we reach the Tasiusaq fjord system.

The Tasiusaq Fjord has been a favorite fishing and hunting area to the Inuit for millennia. From here, we sail to the head of the fjord. We go ashore and walk to the very edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Your experienced guide will provide information on safety and procedures for glacier walking. All equipment is thoroughly checked before we step on to a safe area of the ice. From here, we go glacier walking. It is amazing, so don’t forget your camera. Afterward, we return in the same way as we came.