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Whale watching

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When in Greenland, go on a whale photo safari! Discover the giants of the ocean up close and watch them roam the fjords. Grab your camera and go on the best whale watching tour. It is a great experience to get close to these magnificent animals.

By their very size alone, whales are surrounded by myths, and they are found in large numbers in Greenland. We guarantee you that you will never forget the experience of these beautiful animals at close range. Watch them dive with their tail up in the air or, if you’re lucky enough, see them throw themselves around on the water’s surface.

Whale watching

The smell and the sound

A few things that often surprise visitors are not only the size of the big animals but also that you can hear and sometimes smell them. The sound of the whales is beautiful, which is not something you will say about their smell. However, imagine that: That you can get so close to them that you can smell them!

From April or May, there is a great chance of seeing Greenland whales near Qeqertarsuaq in Disco Bay. At a distance, whales can be hard to see so stay close to the skipper or other seamen, because they are trained to spot the whales.


Greenland is home to 15 species of whales

Some of the whale species you find in Greenland are protected, and other whales are hunted at internationally established quotas. Greenland is a traditional Inuit nation, so hunting is a natural part of life. We hunt big animals because they give food and supplies in huge quantities. The Greenlandic people are also incredibly good at utilizing the whole animal so that nothing is wasted.

Of course, you are not in Greenland to hunt whales – except with your camera. Therefore, we find it relevant to tell you where you have the best opportunity to meet the beautiful fighters.

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Where is the best place to go whale watching?

In South Greenland, fin whales and minke whales are the most common whales, but we are have also seen sperm whales in the area. Often, the whales appear randomly as you sail between the towns. You will find humpback whales near Paamiut, Maniitsoq, and Aasiaat, and they are also found in a large number in the fjords around Nuuk. Humpback whales, minke whales, fin whales, and Greenland whales are often sighted in Disco Bay. In East Greenland, there are also a lot of whales that frolic in the beautiful fjords.

You may be lucky to meet white whales and narwhales at the northern shores and, although rarely, people also see blue whales and orcas. On the whole, there are about 15 different species of whales in the seas around Greenland. Most whales swim back and forth between Greenland and the Caribbean as the waters become too cold in winter. However, three species – white whales, narwhales and the Greenland whale -stay in Greenland all year round.


Whale watching is fantastic in Greenland

What more can you wish for than whale watching in scenic surroundings? Nature, culture, and wildlife are paramount for your trip to Greenland. Some of the whales are active around Greenland all year round, which may allow you to see them several times during your stay.

From mid-summer to autumn, there is a very good chance to see whales. Especially near Paamiut, Nuuk, Aasiaat, Uummannaq, Kulusuk, and Tasiilaq, and in the Disco Bay. Of course, we cannot guarantee whale sighting because, after all, the ways of the whales are inscrutable and they are not here for our sake, but to eat.


Capture and whales with your camera

Some of the whale species found in Greenland are preserved, while other species are hunted according to internationally defined quotas. Greenland is a whaling nation and it is a natural part of life up here that the large animals are hunted, as they provide plenty of food and reserves.

Obviously, you have not come to Greenland to hunt whales – except with your camera. Therefore, this guide will tell you where you have the best chances of meeting these imressive giants.


On board the coastal ship

The coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk sails up and down along the western coast of Greenland. It has a panoramic salon, which is ideal for scouting for whales and enjoying the view. In the summer, passengers sit on the upper deck taking in the view and the sun with a clear sight if whales are to appear.

It is more than likely that you will see whales when sailing with the coastal ship. Many of our travellers choose a tour that includes sailing with the Sarfaq Ittuk – often also spending a night or two on board.

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