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Frequently asked questions about traveling with Greenland Travel

Greenland is an arctic destination with special travel conditions

A package tour consists of two elements: Typically transportation, accommodation, and possibly excursions too. Not having to arrange everything yourself gives you a large number of advantages, formal as well as informal ones.
Purchasing a package tour through a travel agency enables coverage by the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund and the package tour law. Thus, you benefit from the high degree of consumer protection offered by these.

  • You are covered by the package tour law and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund
  • You are entitled to help and compensation in case of delays and cancellations
  • You are guaranteed that all transfer rules are being observed

A trip to Greenland and other destinations in the Arctic regions is something special. The infrastructure is unique, which imposes very high demands on the planning of the trip. Our experience and local presence in Greenland allow you to focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest extent. The practical circumstances and your safety are our responsibility – and we will come up with alternative solutions if the Greenlandic nature shows its teeth.

Other advantages include:

  • You will get the best prices for accommodation, excursions, and transportation
  • The trip is ideally planned
  • You do not have to pay before everything is in order
  • You only need one place of contact

Advantages of a tailor-made tour to Greenland

If you have any special requests for your trip preventing you from choosing a complete package tour, our travel specialists can personalise your trip for you. When a travel agency customises your trip, you are covered by the package tour law and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

The personalised trip is bound to be more expensive than a package tour, but it will also be customized according to your specific requirements. You are, however, able to influence the price yourself – for instance by choosing alternative accommodation or changing the duration of the trip. Moreover, you can get to go on excursions on days of your choosing.

Our travel specialists have an exhaustive knowledge of Greenland. This knowledge will benefit you in terms of transportation, hotels, dogsleds, or kayaks – and we are always up-to-date on current conditions in Greenland.
Greenland has a very unusual infrastructure. There are no roads connecting the towns, and, at the same time, the country is almost unbelievably vast. This requires a high degree of planning, and it is important to keep in mind that you cannot count on being able to purchase a ticket from A to B after having arrived. We have the experience and the skills to ensure you a smooth trip.

Some of the other advantages of Greenland Travel customizing your trip are:

  • You are covered by the package tour law and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund
  • You will get the best prices on accommodation, excursions, and transportation
  • We are familiar with places of accommodation that are not available online
  • During summer, you can use our guide service in Ilulissat
  • The trip is ideally planned
  • You do not have to pay before everything is in order
  • You only need one place of contact

You can book your trip online or by calling us.

Booking online will save you the EUR 30 in handling fee. But if you feel safer booking over the phone, we are happy to help you.

There are many things that need to match when a holiday is planned and ordered. Because of this  we have introduced a 24-hour cancellation period. This means that when you book a trip online at Greenland Travel, you are free to cancel your purchase within 24 hours.

You just have to send us an email within 24-hours and write that you wish to cancel your order. You do not need to state any reason why. We will make sure that you get your deposit back on the payment card you used for your order.
You will find the email address to use in your receipt. You can also write to team@greenland-travel.com or use one of our other email addresses and contact forms.

Once we receive your mail we confirm that we have received it. In the unlikely event that you do not hear from us, please contact us to make sure that your trip has been canceled.

Advantages of a package tour to Greenland

There are several advantages of purchasing a complete package tour, and we generally recommend choosing a complete package tour. Our package tours are based on feedback from former travellers and ideally composed in relation to infrastructure, transportation, accommodation, and – not least – experiences.

Choosing one of our package tours gives you better security than a personalised trip. Our partners know that are you are coming, and they know where you are going. Therefore, we are able to come up with alternative solutions in case the weather presents transportation challenges, or if it makes sense to push the time of an excursion.

Greenland is not a major tourist destination, and therefore you might benefit from choosing a complete package tour where other people travel via the same route. That way, the likelihood of excursions being carried through is higher, and, during peak season, you can be certain that there is a spot for you. Furthermore, we are able to offer specialised excursions that are not available anywhere else.

Some of the many advantages are:

  • You are guaranteed a large number of experiences
  • Best price
  • We are with you all the way

If you choose one of our guided tours, you will be taken by the hand and led into the incredible world of ice, snow and spectacular nature by enthusiasts with a great passion for and know-how of Greenland. All our guides have a broad knowledge of Greenland. Many also possess specialised knowledge within topics such as history, Eskimology, the Arctic environment, botany, the Northeners and the dogsled. And they are very willing to share that knowledge with their guests.

Travelling with a guide also means that you are a part of a group. If you do not want travelling companions, you can choose an individual trip without a guide. This does not mean, however, that you will be left to your own devices. All excursions arranged by us are guided, and you are always welcome to contact our local destination guides who are able to advise you how to get the most out of your stay in Greenland.

When you buy a trip with Greenland Travel, you can choose to pay with a credit/debit card (via ePay) or by bank transfer.

If you have booked your trip online and paid a deposit, you will receive an invoice from us covering the remainder. You can pay the remainder online or by bank transfer.

If you have booked your trip in another way and received an invoice, you can also pay both the deposit and the remainder online. You need the invoice number and sales order number stated on your invoice. For online payment, please visit online payment here.

Travel and cancellation insurance

Insurance covering cancellation due to illness provides coverage in case of cancellation due to illness PRIOR TO departure. The cancellation insurance will cover in case you need to cancel your trip because you or your travelling companions or close relatives have fallen ill. The cancellation insurance must be taken out in connection with the booking of the trip. The insurance is provided in association with Europæiske ERV.
Read more about cancellation insurance here. 

Travel insurance provides coverage if you fall ill DURING your trip. You have to take out this insurance in your homeland. Greenland Travel recommends that you always have valid travel insurance.

For tours to Greenland and Lapland the air fare is always included in our price. For tours to Iceland it may vary – check the ‘included in the tour’ section.

Advantages of booking excursions before your trip to Greenland

You can book excursions from home or upon arrival to Greenland – prices are the same. However, we recommend that you book prior to your departure. That way you can be sure that there is a spot for you.

For our package tours, the excursion packages are customised for that specific trip. Excursion packages can be ordered prior to departure. We then make sure that all excursions match the schedule of your tour. If you order your excursion packages at the same as the tour, you will not be charged handling fee of EUR 30.

Yes, You need a connecting flight to Greenland

Unless you live in Denmark or Iceland you need a connection from your home destination to one of the two Airports from which you can fly directly to Greenland. You need to get to Reykjavik in Iceland or Copenhagen in Denmark before you can board a plane to Greenland.

We can help you with booking of connecting flights and we also offer good advice if you prefer to book it yourself.

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  • Connecting flights to Greenland from North America
  • Connecting flights to Greenland from Asia


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