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There is a rich wildlife in Greenland. Experience reindeer, musk oxen, a large number of birds, majestic whales and many more amazing animals on your trip to Greenland.

Wildlife in Greenland

We want to tell you about the fantastic animals you can see and experience when visiting Greenland and its magnificent nature. In this regard we have chosen to write about a selection of animals that you might meet on your trip. As wildlife is not something we humans have any control over, we can therefore not guarantee that you will get to see them all.


Greenland is home to a lot of different species, both carnivores and herbivores. They live on land and in the waters surrounding Greenland.


You might notice that many of the animals are bigger in the Arctic than their cousins in other parts of the world. It is part of their adaptation to the cold weather of the Arctic. You might also notice that there are no Polar bears walking in the streets, even though many Greenlanders been asked about this over the years.

Whales in Greenland

Get close to the giants of the sea. Greenland is home for many species of whales and you will have plenty of opportunity to experience these majestic animals.

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The Greenlandic sled dog

The Greenlandic sled dog is known for its tremendous willpower. The dogs can pull heavy sleds over long distances, and they can live outside in the cold, arctic weather, which they also prefer.

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