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Places to visit in Greenland

Greenland is a fantastic destination and most people who have been here would like to return. Find places to visit in Greenland and go explore!

Popular places in Greenland

We often find that when people have been in Greenland, they want to go back. Both to revisit what they have already seen, but also to see new parts of this gigantic island. Greenland gets in your blood, and you will understand that once you have been here. Of course, the places we mention here are not the only our take on the best places to visit in Greenland but the most popular.

Ilulissat Ice Fjord

It is not without reason that the Ice Fjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is the Ice Fjord that most people travel to Greenland to experience. The Ice Fjord gives you unique experiences and forms the basis for many tours in and around Ilulissat. You can sail among icebergs in thousands of shapes in high daylight and under the magical midnight sun. You can hike along the Ice Fjord and see an abandoned settlement. You can see all the delights from above on a helicopter ride – and maybe even fly to the glacier which gives birth to all the icebergs. Almost everywhere there is a view of the Ice Fjord, and you never get tired of looking at it!

Eqi Glacier

Only in very few places in Greenland, will you experience a sight as impressive as at the Eqi Glacier. It runs into a fjord approximately 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat. By boat, you can get very close to the glacier and see huge pieces of ice breaking off. The glacier calves so often that most people who pass by will experience both the sound and the sight of this amazing phenomenon.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

If you can spend more than one day on a trip to the Eqi Glacier, you should treat yourself one or more days in one of the fifteen cozy cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi. The cabins lie across the fjord, opposite the Eqi Glacier, which calves almost all the time, and from all cabins, you can both see and hear when the glacier calves. It is very meditative to sit and watch this.

Ilimanaq Lodge

Ilimanaq was a sleepy little village until 2017, where fifteen new cabins gave new life to the village. Do not misunderstand us! It is still a wonderful and quiet settlement with friendly residents, where you can go for coffee and hear about the life of the locals. You live in wonderful cabins, located right on the water’s edge close, just south of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. There are many hiking opportunities in the area, and icebergs float and whales will swim by your terrace

Restaurant KOKS

In the summer seasons of 2022 and 2023, our subsidiary, World of Greenland, has made a fantastic collaboration with one of the Nordic region’s best restaurants, Restaurant KOKS.

Restaurant KOKS usually belongs in the Faroe Islands, but in 2022 and 2023, KOKS will be operating out of Restaurant Egede in the beautiful old colonial buildings in Ilimanaq. This means that it is possible to try restaurant Koks’ tasting menu when staying in Ilimanaq Lodge.

The Greenland Ice Sheet

The Greenland Ice Sheet is an almost unimaginably large ice cap with a volume you may hardly understand. If it melts, the oceans all over the world will rise by 7 meters! This huge ice cap covers 80 % of Greenland, and it flows into glaciers that give birth Greenland’s well-known and famous icebergs.

The Greenland Ice Sheet can be experienced in many ways. You can stand on the great ice cap in Kangerlussuaq, fly over the ice in a helicopter or a plane, or sail among icebergs in Ilulissat, see a huge glacier calving at Eqi Glacier. Also, you can spend endless hours just looking at all the ice.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are three sites in Greenland that have achieved status as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The three places are the area surrounding the Icefjord at Ilulissat, the Inuit hunting area of Aasivissuit – Nipisat between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, and the Inuit and Norse ruins in South Greenland.

Disco Bay

Disco Bay stretches from Aasiaat, south of the Disco Island, to the small village of Saqqaq on the Nuussuaq peninsula to the north. You can get all kinds of beautiful experiences in this vast area. The Disco Bay is home to the Disco Island, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, the Eqi Glacier, the town of Ilulissat, and a handful of other towns and settlements. With all these highlights, Disco Bay forms the framework for most tourist visits to Greenland.

Three locations in Greenland have achieved the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These three places are the area around the Ice Ford at Ilulissat, the Inuit hunting area Aasivissuit-Nipisat between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, and the Norse and Inuit ruins in South Greenland. You can read more about these areas here.

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Restaurant KOKS at Ilimanaq Lodge

Restaurant KOKS is located in the Faroe Islands, but in 2022 and 2023 you've been able to find them in Ilimanaq. KOKS is staying for 2024, which means you still have the opportunity to try KOKS' tasting menu while experiencing the beautiful surroundings of Ilimanaq.

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