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If you are going on a trip to Greenland, there is a 99% chance that you will do it to experience nature, which is wild, beautiful and unruly.

Nature is unique in Greenland

In Greenland there are almost no limits to what natural phenomena you can experience. Greenland is wonderfully beautiful and has a wild and raw nature that you will not experience elsewhere. Icebergs, northern lights, midnight sun, ice sheets, green fields, rugged cliffs, an exciting wildlife and even beautiful sandy beaches are among the things you will experience in the Greenlandic nature. One of the truly unique experiences you get is the feeling of being under the command of nature. However, it is also part of what we think is unique in Greenlandic nature. It gives the feeling that Mother Earth and the natural forces are big and full of life. Read more about some of the great natural phenomena in this section.

Credit: Adam Lyberth, Visit Greenland

Northern Lights in Greenland

Experience the best Northern Lights in the world! Go on a Northern Lights tour in Greenland and see the amazing lightshow up close.

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Midnight sun

The midnight sun is a beloved summer phenomenon, that provides warmth, life and joy in the lives of the Greenlanders - and for everybody else north of the Polar Circle.

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