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Travel specialists – Leisure

Do you want us to make your dream trip come true? We are specialists in everything Greenland and know the country from north to south.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about one of the popular trips on our website. Maybe you want a tailor-made tour? A group trip for the company, school, or association?

We are ready to give you advice on everything.

Call us at: +45 33 13 10 11

Or send us an email at: team@greenland-travel.com

We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on weekdays.

Discover the concepts of our trips

Specialists in unique package trips

At Greenland Travel, you will find the largest selection of fantastic package tours to Greenland. A package tour gives you an overview and peace of mind, as you get an organized and fully described program for the entire trip.

Among our many trips, you are sure to find just the right tour that fulfills your dreams and expectations. You get to go on a holiday trip, focusing on Greenland’s magnificent nature and with the opportunity to go on a series of exciting excursions.


Choose between traveling with tour guides in small groups or traveling on a more individual basis and with our safety net in your luggage. A package tour gives you peace of mind from A to Z and, at the same time, you enjoy the security of being covered by the Danish Package Travel Law and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

See our unique package tours.

Tailor-made travel experiences 

Do you have a desire to tailor your dream trip to suit your needs and wishes? Our travel specialists are always ready to advise you and put together a unique travel program for you. As a general rule, a tailor-made trip will be more expensive than a package trip. In return, you have the opportunity to build and create exactly the journey that you dream of.

A tailor-made trip is also covered by the Danish Package Travel Law and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

Group travel

We have many years of experience in arranging group travel, whether you are going with your company, your school, or an association. Or a larger family group. We have many years of experience making travel arrangements adapted to larger and smaller groups. We often make group trips with school and youth groups, families as well as meetings, incentives, conferences, seminars, and associations. We know Greenland in and out and know how to put together a trip to you so that you get the best experience.

Our destination offers great experiences, so let us help you put together a dream trip or a conference that the participants certainly won’t forget.

In cooperation with our many partners, we can ensure that your group gets exactly the experience that suits you. And very often we can suggest experiences that you had not thought of yourself.

Contact our travel specialists if you would like further information about our trips.

Things to consider before booking your group trip

Before booking your trip, you should consider the following:

  • How many people should travel in your group?
  • Do you already have all the participants, and do you know their names?
  • Or do you need promotional material to find participants?
  • What kind of accommodation do you want? For example, with private bath and toilet, hostel or hotel?
  • When would you like to travel and how long do you want to be away?
  • Which season would you like to experience? (For example, with snow, dog sleds and northern lights, or sun, whale watching, and midnight sun) Please note: Not all experiences are available all year round.
  • What level of activity would you like?
  • What is the age group of the trip?
  • Are all the members of the group active and ready to go out and experience a lot, or is there anyone in the group with reduced mobility who cannot go on long walks and such?


Our offer will be made to fit your needs. The offer will depend on travel time, destination(s), excursions, and other things included in the trip.

We also make group trips to Iceland, so you are welcome to contact us if you are planning a trip to this destination.

Contact Karin Jensen if you want more information about group travel.

Mail: kj@greenland-travel.dk

Direct phone number: +45 33 76 62 31

Our travel specialists

Peter Simonsen

Product Manager | Leisure Travel

Peter has been living and traveling in Greenland for years – as an active user of nature and musher. Peter is one of our experts when it comes to help and guidance in terms of tours and activities.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6247

Ulf Klüppel

Key Account Manager | Leisure Travel

Ulf has been living in Greenland for many years. He has been involved with tourism in Ilulissat. As a passionate musher, he knows the area like the back of his hand and has great knowledge about trips and activities in Greenland. Ulf is also responsible for our German customers.

Call directly at: + 49 40 29996022

Lisbeth Andersen

Travel Consultant | Leisure Travel

Since 2000, Lisbeth has had the pleasure of advising people on trips to Greenland - and the joy of showing the whole world this unique place. Lisbeth has extensive knowledge of our Package Tours and creates Tailor-Made Tours as well. Summer, winter, spring and autumn - Lisbeth always knows what you can experience and where.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6246

Karin Jensen

Product Manager | Groups & MICE

Karin has been arranging trips to Greenland and Iceland for over 30 years. She is greatly experienced in guiding customers and creating individual trips. Karin is responsible for groups (vacation as well as study) and groups on business trips.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6231

Lars Thorning

Travel Consultant | Tailormade Travels

For the past 45 years, Lars has had a work-related focus on Greenland. Lars has lived in Greenland as well and has traveled all over the country. Lars creates Tailor-Made Tours and can tell you all about our Package Tours as well.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6223

Tina Lauritsen

Travel Consultant

Tina was born and raised in Greenland. She has worked in the travel industry throughout her adult life and knows Greenland as her own pocket. Tina loves helping people with their dream trip to the world's most beautiful country.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6241

Maria Hammer

Travel & Operations Coodinator

Maria has been living in Greenland and traveled the country from North to South. Maria is employed in our department for production and execution of trips. She is responsible for our tour and destination guides.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6240

Michael Kolbe

Travel Consultant | Leisure Travel

Michael has 26 years of experience within the travel industry. He takes care of producing and executing our trips. He is logistically responsible for, e.g., hotel bookings and excursions at our different destinations.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6236

Kathrine Nørgaard Nielsen

Travel & Operations Coodinator

Kathrine visited Greenland for the first time in 2018, where she fell head over heels for Ilulissat and the Greenlandic nature. Kathrine is employed in our leisure department and is responsible for running the department's tailor-made trips.

Call directly at: +45 33 76 62 30

Hlif Linnetved

Travel Consultant

Call directly at: 33766243