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Be inspired. Find inspiration for an unforgettable dream trip to Greenland. A paradise for nature lovers and the adventurer. Choose one of the categories below and read more about things to do in Greenland


The impressive icebergs are one of Greenland's biggest tourist magnets. Understandably, all visitors are fascinated as they sail between icebergs moving in the water, melting, and forever changing shape.

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Whale watching

When in Greenland, go on a whale photo safari!


Kayaking allows you to experience the beautiful icebergs and fjords at sea level. On a trip in a kayak, you will glide through the water and enjoy the stunning views.

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Stay Overnight in an Igloo

Igloo Lodge - sleep as the Inuit have done for millennia. Experience an overnight stay in a real igloo.

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We will give you an unforgettable nature experience in Greenland

We are specialists in Greenland and know the country from north to south. This focus and knowledge make us the best travel partner for the adventurous tourist.

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