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There is a big difference between the seasons in Greenland, and you quickly learn that each season has its distinctive character. Greenland weather can both be snowy white landscapes in winter or beautiful greener nature in summer.

Seasonal experiences

Summer and winter are the most popular seasons for traveling, but spring and autumn also offer extraordinary adventures. An advantage of traveling outside the typical high season is that prices are lower, while the experiences are fully in line with the high seasons – just a little different.

Some experiences in Greenland are dependent on the season. Dog sledding requires snow, northern lights require a dark sky. Therefore, it cannot be experienced in the months when there is midnight sun, etc. A part of the difference in seasonal excursions and experiences is Greenland weather. The weather in Greenland changes with the seasons while still being in the arctic regions. This means that you have a warmer weather in the summer months and colder weather in the winter months. This is also one of the fantastic things about Greenland as you can get both the breathtaking white landscape in winter and the beautiful greener nature in summer.

Summer in Greenland

Summer in Greenland is characterized by long bright and warm days with the possibility of hiking in the mountains, sailing on the fjords and generally active outdoor days. The summer months are June through August, but also the end of May and part of September offers summer experiences with midnight sun and long bright days.

Winter in Greenland – dog sledding and northern lights

To many, winter in Greenland is synonymous with dog sledding. The days are short and intense and often frosty and with high sun. It is also in the winter that you can experience the fantastic Northern Lights in Greenland on the dark and clear nights. The winter months are from December until April. However, you can already experience northern lights from late September.

Summer in Greenland

The Greenlandic summer is something very special, and the country's name will quickly make sense. Summer in Greenland is like nothing else you have seen!

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Winter in Greenland

The Greenlandic winter is as beautiful as it is lang. Winter in Greenland is, without a doubt, an Arctic paradise.

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Spring in Greenland – intense and expectant

The shift from winter to summer in Greenland is strong, so spring is an intense period in Greenland, where, day by day, you can see how the winter snow melts away, the days get longer, the nights are brighter, and everything germinates. It’s a time of expectation.

The experiences are many and rich, and there is always an element of uncertainty – in a positive way. Some years the snow melts more slowly than others, and then you can be lucky that you can go dog sledding at a time where you also get some of the wonderful experiences that summer offers.

Autumn in Greenland – beautiful colors and atmosphere

Autumn in Greenland is intense and short! Summer switches to winter in a very short time, and you can be lucky to experience three seasons in the fall; the summer that goes on with long bright days, the beautiful autumn colors, and a dark sky that offers northern lights.

It has become very popular to travel to Greenland in the fall because the experiences are varied – and since it is a little outside the high season, there are fewer people, and the prices are also lower, without you compromising on the fantastic experiences in any way.

Spring in Greenland

Spring is beautiful but incredibly short in Greenland. It is almost a transition between winter and summer and not a season in its own right.

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Autumn in Greenland

Greenland in the fall offers many great experiences! The colors of nature change, the hunting season sets in and the fishing starts up again. Autumn in Greenland is something very special!

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