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We offer many travel experiences and opportunities customized to each traveler’s wishes and needs.

At Greenland Travel, we are very familiar with tours in Greenland and the many different areas of the country. Whether you dream of active vacations with hiking and dog sledding or relaxing vacations focusing on nature and culture, we can customize the trip to meet your needs and desires. We have an extensive network of experienced and professional tour guides and cooperation partners. They will ensure that your trip is both safe and memorable.

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Lisbeth, Tina, and Lars are true Greenland experts and know the country from north to south.

Lisbeth Andersen

Travel Consultant | Leisure Travel

Since 2000, Lisbeth has had the pleasure of advising people on trips to Greenland - and the joy of showing the whole world this unique place. Lisbeth has extensive knowledge of our Package Tours and creates Tailor-Made Tours as well. Summer, winter, spring and autumn - Lisbeth always knows what you can experience and where.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6246

Tina Lauritsen

Travel Consultant

Tina was born and raised in Greenland. She has worked in the travel industry throughout her adult life and knows Greenland as her own pocket. Tina loves helping people with their dream trip to the world's most beautiful country.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6241

Lars Thorning

Travel Consultant | Tailormade Travels

For the past 45 years, Lars has had a work-related focus on Greenland. Lars has lived in Greenland as well and has traveled all over the country. Lars creates Tailor-Made Tours and can tell you all about our Package Tours as well.

Call directly at: +45 3376 6223

Learn more about some of Greenland’s most popular destinations, excursions, and experiences.

Greenland is a huge country. Deciding exactly where to travel can take much work. The places, excursions, and experiences mentioned represent only a small part of what Greenland has to offer. If you have something completely different in mind or are inspired by the list below, feel free to contact Lisbeth, Lars, or Tina.



Ilulissat is known for its ice fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has rich wildlife with birds, fish, whales, and seals. The icebergs on the fjord can be seen everywhere in the town. You can also visit the Ilulissat Icefjord Center.


Sisimiut is the second-largest town in Greenland and a true paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. There are many opportunities for skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. In summer, you can go hiking or boating in the beautiful nature.


Kangerlussuaq offers inland ice, UNESCO World Heritage, boat trips on the fjord, and dog sledding. It is a lively settlement that everyone should visit at least once. Kangerlussuaq is also one of the most popular destinations in Greenland because you can go directly to the ice sheet from here.


Visit the modern Arctic capital of Nuuk, which is surrounded by mountains. Here you will find culture, history, boating, and nature. Nuuk is a vibrant city. However, you don't have to go far from the center to experience the wilder side of Greenland as well.

Disko Bay

Disko Bay includes Disko Island, the mouth of the Icefjord, the Eqi Glacier, Ilulissat, and a few handfuls of other towns and settlements. With all these highlights, Disko Bay makes a splendid setting for most tourist visits to Greenland.

South Greenland

South Greenland offers green meadows, warm springs, small forests, and rugged mountains. South Greenland differs greatly from the country’s north and offers unique experiences. In South Greenland, for example, you can marvel at the heritage of the Norse Viking people in the UNESCO World Heritage areas.

Excursions and Experiences

Ilulissat Icefjord

For good reasons, the Icefjord near Ilulissat is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The ice fjord is the primary destination for most visitors to Greenland. You can cruise among icebergs in thousands of shapes or hike along the ice fjord. You can visit an abandoned settlement - or see all the sights from above on a helicopter tour.

Eqi Glacier

There are only a few easily accessible places in Greenland where you can experience an impressive sight, like the Eqi Glacier. Best of all, you can get close to it by boat and see ice chunks breaking off.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

If you have more time than just a day trip to Eqi, treat yourself to an overnight stay in one of the cabins or glamping tents at Glacier Lodge Eqi. They are located directly across from the Eqi Glacier. You can see and hear the glacier throwing off pieces of ice from the terrace.

Ilimanaq Lodge

Ilimanaq Lodge consists of 15 cabins in Ilimanaq. Ilimanaq is a beautiful, quiet settlement with friendly residents. The beautiful cabins are located directly on the water. From your terrace, you have a view of icebergs and whales.

Restaurant KOKS

Experience one of the best restaurants in the north: KOKS. Normally, the restaurant is located in the Faroe Islands. However, in 2024, you can experience its amazing tasting menu in Ilimanaq.

The Greenland Ice Sheet

The ice sheet covers about 80 percent of Greenland. It is the source of Greenland's famous icebergs. You can stand on the ice‘s surface in Kangerlussuaq or fly over it in a helicopter or airplane.

UNESCO World Heritage

Three places in Greenland have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These are the area near the ice fjord in Ilulissat, the Inuit hunting grounds called Aasivissuit - Nipisat between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, and the Inuit and Norse ruins in South Greenland.

Northern Lights

Greenland is one of the places in the world with the best conditions for viewing the Northern Lights. This magical natural phenomenon illuminates the sky in white, green, and reddish colors. The Northern Lights are a part of Greenland's identity and an absolute must-see for fall and winter visitors.

Midnight Sun

The midnight sun only appears in summer in areas north of the polar circle. It gives Greenlanders the chance of long hours of outdoor life, warmth, and joy. It blurs the boundaries between day and night and gives new energy.

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