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The culture in Greenland is deeply rooted in the country and its inhabitants. You will experience the culture in many ways on your journey - in the Greenlandic traditions or their way of life.

Culture in Greenland

The Greenlandic culture is, to a very high degree, an inuit culture that has strong roots in the geography and fauna, and also strong links to inuit to the west in Canada, Alaska and Russia. The culture in Greenland, however, is also influenced by Europe and in particular the Scandinavian traditions. You can read more about this in this section.

Inuit – the population and culture in Greenland

For millennia, Greenlanders has lived under extreme Arctic living conditions. It is reflected in language, culture, and social conditions.

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The Norse people

Led by Erik the Red, the Norse came to Greenland in 982. Today, you can still see their legacy at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Greenland.

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The museums of Greenland

We give you a brief insight into some of Greenland's many beautiful museums.

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