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Kayaking allows you to experience the beautiful icebergs and fjords at sea level. On a trip in a kayak, you will glide through the water and enjoy the stunning views.

The Inuit have used the kayak in the Greenlandic waters for a thousand years, and you can also go out and experience kayaking for yourself. Slide silently through the water and experience the huge icebergs rise around you. You can go kayaking with us in Ilulissat. Here the water is filled with icebergs and ice floes, which makes the kayaking trip very exciting. It is an incredible experience both during the day and evening hours.



Kayak excursion in Ilulissat

The midnight sun illuminates the icebergs and gives the ice a unique glow. In cloudy weather, the beautiful blue colors of the icebergs will be clearly visible. With a little luck, you will hear how the silence is broken by the sound of whales or the loud bang from a calving iceberg. The Ice Fjord really looks good from a kayak.

On the kayak tours in Ilulissat, you will go out with a trained instructor. You are always at least two hours out in the kayak. Before the kayaking, you are instructed on how to go kayaking in Greenland, where the water is very cold. You will be dressed in a dry suit, and to be sure that everything is safe, a boat will always follow behind the kayakers. Therefore, you can easily relax, even if you have never been in a kayak before.

From Ilulissat, we paddle along the coast towards the mouth of the Ice Fjord. Tall icebergs are stranded here and wait to break free and move out into the Disco Bay. You will always have two hours on the water. All trips take place in double kayaks, which are very stable in the water. It is not possible to go in single kayaks on these trips. Kayaking is offered from June to August. Children under 12 are not allowed on the trips.