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Stay Overnight in an Igloo

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Igloo Lodge - sleep as the Inuit have done for millennia. Experience an overnight stay in a real igloo.

Imagine sleeping way out in the Greenlandic nature, where the silence of nature creates a beautiful backdrop for your stay. Maybe you will hear the wind and the crackle of snow while lying on a blanket of reindeer skin and looking at the yellowish glow of a candle.


Spend the night in an Igloo

Igloo lodge – accommodation and excursions

On this one-day excursion, you can experience a real igloo, where you will stay overnight. You go out into a wonderful winter landscape, where, hopefully, northern lights will dance in the sky at night. You get out on an exciting excursion in the wilderness on snowshoes and get a good view of Ilulissat Ice Fjord.

Our subsidiary, World of Greenland, which has great success with their summer lodges at the calving Eqi Glacier and in the beautiful village of Ilimanaq, now also offers a winter lodge in the form of igloos. Out here among the mountains, you will spend the night in an igloo (but with the comfortable opportunity to go into a heated cabin).


Igloo, sleeping bag and reindeer skin

The Igloo Lodge consists of five spacious igloos, each with room for two people. Reindeer skin and warm winter sleeping bags are available. There are candles on the bedside table, which means that the temperature is around the freezing point inside the cabin. It stands in stark contrast to minus 20 degrees Celcius outside. The heated wooden cabin next to the igloos is where we eat our meals. In the wooden cabin, there is also a dry closet.

The excursion is a snowshoe trip, where we go to a lookout point of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord.

The trip to the Igloo Lodge is also exciting in itself. You will be taken in a snowcat for about an hour into Ilulissat’s hinterland with fantastic views along the way. When you arrive, it is time for coffee and lunch, the snowshoe excursion, afternoon coffee and cake, dinner, and evening coffee. You will look for the northern lights, stay overnight in your igloo, have breakfast and, finally, you go on a snowcat trip back to civilization.

If you are into warmer lodges, you can read more about the summer lodges at Glacier Lodge Eqi and Ilimanaq Lodge.