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Welcome to a universe of travel inspiration

A trip to Greenland is at the top of many people's to-do list. Perhaps you have heard interesting stories in your childhood about sled journeys, you have seen the breath-taking nature on TV or read about Miss Smilla's sense of snow. Perhaps a relative has worked up here or is fond of northerly holiday destinations. People's reasons for wanting to visit Greenland are many, and, consequently, so are their expectations of what to experience during the trip of their dreams.

An ocean of experiences

We have made this inspirational section on our website in order to help you discover what to experience in Greenland and – not least – where to do it. Greenland is a gigantic country with great diversity, so here you can check where to go if you want to see a whale flip its tail or the icebergs in the light of the midnight sun. We have made sections about the most popular towns, places, experiences and excursions in Greenland. Moreover, you can read about more general topics such as the weather, the seasons and the differences between the regions.

Use the guide backwards too

There are a great many places to choose between when travelling to Greenland. Use the guide to discover specific things you want to see – and also which things to leave out. Greenland is half the size of Western Europe, so if you have come to Southern Greenland, going to Eastern Greenland, for instance, is not as easy at it may seem when looking at a map placing the regions side by side. 626 kilometres separate Narsarsuaq and Tasiilaq but the flight is a detour of 1,145 kilometres. The inspirational guide provides you with an overview, so you do not have to spend your time travelling long distances, but can experience the regions one by one.

Guide to Greenland

In this guide, we introduce you to the best of Greenland and give you some useufl practical tips on choosing a tour to Greenland.

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