Greenland cities| Facts about the most popular towns in Greenland

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Cities in Greenland | The most popular towns in Greenland

Since Greenland belongs to the Danish Realm, many cities in Greenland have born both Danish as well as Greenlandic names. As a rule, the Greenlandic name is seen as the original one, however you would typically find the Danish name in historical writings, since the Danes usually wrote the stories.

Nowadays only the Greenlandic names would be used in Greenland. Here you can find a list of the former Danish names of some cities. The list can come in quite handy, since old maps would often only use the Danish names.

Qaqortoq in Greenland
Qaqortoq in South Greenland - Photo: Visit Greenland


Top 5 popular cities in Greenland

There are many beautiful towns and settlements in Greenland and some are more popular than others. This is often because of their accessibility, the beautiful natural surroundings or the many possible excursions. 

However, you can be absolutely assured that although some towns are more popular than others, there aren’t any overrun towns in Greenland. There aren’t any tourism traps that you should steer clear off. You will experience the true Greenland everywhere! The great natural beauty and the meeting with the local population is right outside your hotel door.

  1. Ilulissat
  2. Kangerlussuaq
  3. Nuuk
  4. Sisimiut
  5. Qaqortoq

Sisimiut in Greenland
Sisimiut in West Greenland - Photo: Visit Greenland

The most popular city in Greenland

There are many beautiful towns in Greenland, each with their own distinctive character that makes them unique. The town of Ilulissat in the Disco Bay is the most popular and sought after among tourists. The town is Greenland's third largest and has a lot of exciting things on offer in the form of beautiful hotels and restaurants of high international class and great atmosphere.

However, it is the city's location in particular that makes it so popular. It is situated right next to the world famous Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ilulissat in Greenland
Ilulissat in North Greenland

From 140 to 16,500 inhabitants

In the menu, you can click and read about some of the most popular towns and villages in Greenland. The largest being the capital, Nuuk, which has more than 16,500 inhabitants, while one of the smallest, Narsarsuaq, is inhabited by merely 140 people. However, even a small village can accommodate an airport, which causes the number of inhabitants to triple on days where full planes arrive. Village life in Greenland can be remarkable that way.

Kort over Grønland

Greenlandic name / Danish name

Qaanaaq / Thule
Pituffik / Thule Air Base
Upernavik / Upernavik
Uummannaq / Umanak
Qeqertarsuaq / Godhavn
Ilulissat / Jakobshavn
Qasigiannguit / Christianshåb
Aasiaat / Egedesminde
Kangaatsiaq / Kangatsiak
Kangerlussuaq / Søndre Strømfjord
Sisimiut / Holsteinsborg
Maniitsoq / Sukkertoppen
Nuuk / Godthåb
Paamiut / Frederikshåb
Narsaq / Narssaq
Qaqortoq / Julianehåb
Ammassalik/Tasiilaq / Angmagssalik
Illoqqortoormiut / Scoresbysund

Guide to Greenland holidays

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