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Kulusuk is the picture of ancient culture, this is clear in their traditions and everyday life. This is a great place to experience greenlandic nature at its finest.


In Kulusuk, you will experience traditional, Greenlandic life. It is easy to get to Kulusuk from Iceland, so you meet many day tourists, but we recommend a longer stay. 

Kulusuk is the gateway to East Greenland, this mythical area first discovered by the white man in 1884, and therefore it still reflects much of its original Inuit culture. Next to the airport, you find a cozy hotel, and it is possible to experience a traditional, Greenlandic atmosphere here, with the view of a nearby, beautiful glacier. It is also possible to go hiking and angling here and get a beautiful view of the Danish Strait towards Iceland.


Kulusuk is a small island with a lot to offer

The island. The settlement. The airport.

On the small island of Kulusuk near the village of Kulusuk lies an airport, which, funnily enough, is called Kulusuk. Between the airport and the settlement, you will find the hotel called, yes, Hotel Kulusuk. The airport has a long dirt track and was built in 1956 by the Americans in connection with the DYE project. There are several daily flights in the summer with travelers from Iceland who are going here to visit this stunning island way up north.


Hunting, fishing, and carving

Now that you are here, you should consider whether it is not worth to stay a while longer. The settlement of Kulusuk is not far from the airport. It is a traditional, Greenlandic village, where hunting and fishing is the very essence of the village’s survival. Therefore it is situated at the water’s edge. Not much more than 250 people live in the village, and because of the airport, some people make a living from travelers. There are good shopping opportunities for homemade souvenirs, and people in the village are, as in nearby Tasiilaq, very talented artists, carving amazing tupilak.


The culture in Kulusuk

In Kulusuk, they have managed to hold on to the traditional East Greenlandic culture. Furthermore they have also managed to translate this into something that benefits the tourists. You find local storytellers, kayakers, who can do kayak shows. You also find drum dancers and, of course, the craftsmen mentioned above that you can experience at work, carving figures in wood, tusk, and ebony.


Beautiful nature in East Greenland

In Kulusuk, there is no view of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Though it feels like this, as the village lies directly opposite the Apusiaajik Glacier on the neighboring island. Out in the archipelago, there is also a view of the beautiful and huge icebergs. You can watch them drift down the coast from the Arctic Sea as spring sets in and the sea ice begins to break.

Near the airport, you will find Isikajia Mountain, which is just over 300 meters high. Here you find great views of the Strait of Denmark. The clear air also allows you to see the peaks of the mainland – in fact, on good days you can see over 100 kilometers away.


Visit Tasiilaq on your way

Should you get bored in Kulusuk, we don’t recommend that you get in your kayak and start paddling due south. You would probably get both hungry and tired before you hit land again. This because the next coast you will find is 10,000 kilometers away in northern Brazil. Instead, consider a helicopter ride and visit Tasiilaq, which is 10 minutes away by helicopter – or an hour by boat, if the ice will allow you to sail there.

In winter, dog sleds, northern lights, and snow are the focus of your experiences.

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