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Sisimiut is Greenland's most beautiful winter sports area, where the opportunities for all kinds of winter sports are fantastic. In summer, hiking, culture, and boat trips to fjords and abandoned settlements are at the forefront.

Dog sledding, boat trips, winter sports, inuit culture and hiking

In Sisimiut, you have plenty of opportunities for exciting experiences that are completely out of the ordinary, even in Greenlandic standards. You will find a wide range of opportunities to be active in nature, from leisurely walks to thrilling downhill adventures. In the summer you can go diving, hiking, and sailing, while in the winter you can enjoy the snowy landscape on skis, dog sled, snowmobile, or snowshoes.


In Sisimiut, you will find hiking routes of all difficulty levels. You can hike within the town or at the outskirts of the town but there also high mountains with the greatest views.

The hike between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq is called The Arctic Circle Trail and is equally popular with tourists and Greenlanders. There are many ways to make the trail. In the summer, you meet hikers and runners, while in the winter you can go on skis, snowmobile or dog sled. Along the way, there are cabins where you can spend the night and where you often meet other hikers and have a nice evening with them in front of the campfire at dusk.

Sisimiut has marketed itself with the words “Rough. Real. Remote.,” which well covers the fact that there are so many opportunities here.

Summer sailing

Sisimiut is an important fishing town in Greenland, so you find life on the harbor all year round. In the summer, you will notice fishermen’s dinghies and trawlers, but also the many private people who are getting their boats ready for weekend or evening trips. You can also go sailing here, as several companies offer sailing with tourists, including our good partners at Hotel Sisimiut. It is also to Sisimiut that many diving enthusiasts come to try diving in the cold Arctic waters, as they have the expertise here.

Winter sports

The Arctic Circle Race is known as the world’s toughest cross-country race. It spans three days, and when you reach the finish line, you will have traveled 160 kilometers on skis. However, there are also other, less strenuous, opportunities for experiences in the snow.

In the Sisimiut backcountry, there is a lift for alpine skiing, and there is an incredible number of cross-country ski slopes. Sisimiut is the southernmost town in West Greenland where sled dogs are allowed, so you meet many dog sleds within but especially outside the town. Many locals love to get on their snowmobiles and drive across the plains.

A modern town

Sisimiut is Greenland’s second-largest town and thus a modern metropolis in Greenlandic optics. The people of Sisimiut have supreme confidence in themselves that makes them proud. There is a good atmosphere in the town for the same reason, and there are plenty of opportunities to walk around the town and have a fun evening, just as Hotel Sisimiut offers delicious food.

Several of Greenland’s large organizations and businesses have headquarters in Sisimiut. It is also an educational town where more than 10 % of the people live in dorms, so there are many young people in the town.

The museum and culture

The museum in Sisimiut offers local history, but also cultural insights, where you get a sense of life throughout Greenland in the old days. There are also several places where you can experience Greenlandic crafts being produced and sold.

People in Sisimiut like to do new things, and this is where you will find the country’s only outdoor swimming pool. A special place is Qiviut, which produces and exports musk wool which, when knitted, turns into some of the warmest and softest wool products.

In the cultural center Taseralik you can go to concerts, theatrical performances, see films and much more, and a cafe with a nice view is located in the beautiful building.

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