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NOTE: Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are unable to provide sponsorships.

We make a difference

When you choose to travel with Greenland Travel, you are guaranteed an experience for life. Nature’s unspoiled wonders await you, along with the hospitable Greenlanders, who are proud to show you their country. However, for Greenland to remain one of the most amazing places on earth, responsibility and consideration are required.

Greenland Travel has always acted in a socially conscious way, and we have taken care of our surrounding society. Now, we commit ourselves to an even greater degree to build long-term and more formalized relationships with other people and institutions in Greenland, in favor of the bettering of the Greenlandic society.

Greenland Travel is one of the only Greenland-owned travel agencies in Greenland and, at the same time, we are the largest travel agency with a local presence in Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat, and Qaqortoq. We have our roots and feet firmly planted in Greenland. It calls for commitment, and it motivates us.

Air Greenland, our parent company, joined the “UN Global Compact” in 2010 as the first Greenlandic company, and Air Greenland’s corporate social responsibility policy covers not only Air Greenland but also the Air Greenland Group’s subsidiaries, including Greenland Travel. Therefore, we are obliged, as a company, to live up to the requirements that the UN Global Compact covers. Global Compact is comprehensive and includes human rights, environmental responsibility, anti-corruption, etc.



We support…

Greenland has about 56,000 inhabitants. There is a need for committed and competent citizens to help develop society. Every citizen in Greenland is important. We believe that it is important to protect jobs and educate the workforce and enhance skills and talents in Greenland. We focus on areas where we believe we can make a difference.

 •  Children and youth


   Culture and Sport

   Buy locally in Greenland



Children and youth

Greenland’s future is the children and young people, and they need to have the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment to become devoted members of society. Therefore, we have decided to work closely with the Association for Greenlandic Children. The Association for Greenlandic Children is working to improve conditions for children and young people in Greenland. Among other things, our cooperation help to fund some major projects that can make a difference.


Greenland Travel aims to help young people in Greenland to learn and develop skills. In this context, companies play an important role as they can establish apprenticeships and internships. This helps to ensure that young people have the necessary practical experience. We want to help ensure that this is guaranteed. Therefore, we have created at least one permanent apprenticeship with us. Also, we do everything possible to offer interns the opportunity to try their hand at working life. We also want to support activities that help young people.

How we support

The Association for Greenlandic Children is behind the Sapiik project, and we have chosen to support the project by donating a sum of money that is earmarked for different parts of the project, supporting young people in their education. Furthermore, several of our employees in Nuuk are mentors for young people, and then we welcome young people if they want to see what it means to work in a travel agency.

Culture and sport

Greenland Travel also wants to promote and maintain the Greenlandic culture and sense of identity by supporting projects and events focusing on this area.

Local sports associations are an important part of Greenlandic society, which helps keep children and young people active and helps to establish friendships and relationships, both locally and internationally. We like to support projects or events that promote sport at all levels.

Buy locally in Greenland

As part of the Air Greenland Group, we are also committed to Air Greenland’s Purchase Agreement, which ensures that our purchases are made in accordance with the UN Global Compact, thus acting socially responsibly in the local communities. Also, we find it natural that we, as often as possible, choose local business partners and suppliers from the region. Thereby, we not only contribute financially to society, but we also help to maintain jobs in the country.

We also buy clothes locally for our employees and strive to make both small and large purchases in Greenland.

In resent years we are working on doing more and more marketing in Greenland, thus increasing advertising in the Greenlandic media. We do this not only to be noticed but also to help Greenland’s media develop.

Sponsorships that make a difference

At Greenland Travel, we want to make a difference with our sponsorships. We support local initiatives in Greenland that make a difference for children and young people. We make demands on our sponsorship partners; the better the project is described, and the bigger the possible exposure is, the better we can assess your project. We support and sponsor local projects.

We support:

  Projects and activities in Greenland

•  Activities that make a difference for most children and young people


Things we do not support:

We want as many people as possible to benefit from our grants and sponsorships, and therefore, we do not support individual people’s projects. We also do not contribute to travel expenses, airline tickets, cargo transport, hotel stays, and the like.


How to apply for a sponsorship

If you work in an association or a group that believes that you have a project that fits into the above criteria, then write to us at marketing@greenland-travel.dk. Describe the project as well as possible and state the expected size of the sponsorship. Remember to send your application in good time and at least two months before the project starts.

    Send your application in good time, at least two months before the activity

   Enter the desired sponsorship

   Write who is responsible for the financial part of the project

   Send your application to our marketing department at marketing@greenland-travel.dk