How to pay your invoice
Pay your invoice easily and securely online by credit card. You will need:

  • Invoice number (as stated on your invoice)
  • Order number (as stated on your invoice)

Large amounts
Please note that your bank possibly uses additional safety measures, when you want to transfer larger amounts than usually. In this case, your transfer might get stopped. If you encounter problems with payments of larger amounts, please contact your bank.

Cash transfer from your bank account
When paying via money transfer from your bank account, please enter your order number (xxxxxx) as well as your invoice number (yyyyyy) as a note to payee: “xxxxxx / yyyyyy”

Receiver’s bank account:

  • IBAN: DK28 3000 4777 3937 23

Please note: If you cannot complete your payment after filling in all required fields, please add “-1” at the end of your invoice number.