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Tour guides

Our tour guides and destination guides create the framework for your dream trip

When you choose one of our trips with a Greenland Travel Guide, we will take care of you throughout your trip. We make sure to guide you all the way and help you create the framework for your dream trip.

We have a wealth of passionate guides who love to show off Greenland. Every one of them has great travel experience and knowledge about the country’s culture, nature, and history.

All our guides have a broad knowledge of Greenland. Many also have specialist knowledge in areas such as history, Eskimology, arctic environment, botany, the Norse, and dog sledding. And they will be happy to share their knowledge with our guests.

Greenland Travel Guides (GTG)

Our GTG’s travel with you on your entire trip. You meet them at Kangerlussuaq Airport or Reykjavik Airport, and from here on they are with you throughout your journey until you return home. You will always have someone at hand if you have questions or need help.

Greenland Travel Destination guides

Our destination guides operate in Ilulissat. If you have chosen a trip without a tour guide, you still have the opportunity to ask and seek help from one of our local staff in Ilulissat. They will be available when you need them and can answer any questions you may have.

Local Representatives

We use reputable local guides at destinations where Greenland Travel does not have Destination Guides.

Meet your guide

Our experienced team of tour guides consists of a faithful crowd of talented guides who return year after year.

On this page, you can meet a selection of our sweet and talented tour guides.

Anton Møller Christensen

Tour Guide

Anton first set foot in Greenland in 2004, and the country immediately etched itself into his heart. He now finds great joy in communicating his own passion for the country's fantastic nature, culture, and stories to visitors. Anton has been employed by Greenland Travel since 2008.

Bent Lindholm Frederiksen

Tour Guide

Bent has lived in Disko Bay from 1984 to 2006, and he has a broad knowledge of Greenlandic culture. He gives lectures about Greenland, and in addition to being a member of the board of the Ilulissat Art Museum, he has been an active sportsman and board member of several Greenlandic sports clubs. During his time in Greenland, Bent spent his time driving a sled with his own team of dogs, sailing, fishing and kayaking.

Boj Bo Christensen

Tour Guide

Boj's great interest in Arctic conditions started during his vacations and study trips to Northern Scandinavia. He have studied both psychology and biology, and since 2013 he has worked for Greenland Travel. Boj has a broad knowledge of Greenland's history and nature, and he is interested in both old and modern Greenland.

Dorthe Pedersen

Tour Guide

Dorthe has been employed as a tour guide at Greenland Travel since 2006. She is a trained geologist and nature educator, and her enthusiasm for Greenland's magnificent geology and nature always inspires her guests. With a great knowledge of natural science and a well-developed communicator gene, Dorthe generously shares her knowledge about icebergs, minerals, whales, climate change and flowers - and everything else you encounter as a guest in Greenland.

Gert Siholte

Tour Guide

Gert's first encounter with Greenland was a hiking trip in 1975. After this he served as guide on trekking trips in South and West Greenland every summer for 10 years. Work and family took over, but Greenland still remained in his heart. Although the backpack, tent and provisions have been replaced by a suitcase, hotel and restaurant, the fascination with Greenland remains the same, and Gert has been a tour guide with Greenland Travel since 2016.

Helle Lorentzen

Tour Guide

Helle has been a tour guide on summer trips to Greenland for DVL since 1980, and subsequently she has worked here at Greenland Travel. Helle has an enormous fascination with Greenland, and she can never visit the country enough. For her, Greenland's special nature is like a mental vitamin injection.

John Gitz Holler

Tour Guide

John has both in-depth knowledge and a great love for Greenland. He has a Bachelor's Degree in History from SDU in Odense. Over a number of years he's had his private and professional life in Nuuk and on the coast and has has positions of trust, both locally and internationally. John has completed the Arctic Circle Race in Sisimiut's hinterland in both 2011 and 2012.

Jørn Asmussen

Tour Guide

Jørn has an M. Sc. in geography with a specialization in Greenland. He has extensive knowledge of both Greenlandic natural phenomena and social conditions, and he has been to Greenland countless times since 1995, when he took part in his first scientific expedition to Disko Island. Jørn is a skilled communicator who, among other things, has been manager of the Sermilik station in East Greenland for two summer seasons.

Jørn-Ove Johannsen

Tour Guide

Since Jørn-Ove's first trip with the coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk in 2015 and a longer trip with a viking ship along the west coast of Greenland, he has been fascinated by the country. Not only by the history, the magnificent nature and the warm-hearted people, but also by modern Greenland with its infrastructure, politics and identity. Jørn-Ove is passionate about showing his guests a different, more nuanced picture of Greenland than what you can see on television.

Karen Foss

Tour Guide

Karen grew up in Greenland and has lived there for a total of 24 years. She has a background in the travel industry and has worked in both Denmark and Greenland. Karen is passionate about showing her guests the country where she grew up.

Kristian Tommerup Vad

Tour Guide

As a child, Kristian moved with his parents to Qasigiannguit in 1979, and since then he has lived, worked, studied, vacationed and guided in the enormous country. Kristian is Cand.scient. in Geography with a specialization in arctic nature and he works daily with the arctic environment at Aarhus University's Institute for Ecoscience.

Linn Espensen

Tour Guide

Linn visited Greenland for the first time in 2013, where she worked as a guide in Ilulissat. After graduating as a biologist in 2015, she took another summer season as a guide, but ended up coming home a year later than planned when she fell in love with Disko Bay. Linn is particularly fascinated by the harsh but beautiful Greenlandic landscape and how small organisms have fine-tuned their way of life to the arctic environment.

Lise Bavnshøj

Tour Guide

Lise visited Greenland for the first time in 1998, and since then she has visited the country as a tourist, through the navy, as a teacher trainee, guide, tour guide and destination guide. Her major interests are history and culture, and she is passionate about continuing to learn more about Greenland and sharing her joy and passion with others about the country where she feels at home.

Marlene Vind Hofmeister

Tour Guide

Marlene has been employed by Greenland Travel since 2014. Before that, she did her Ph.d. in medicine and became cand.scient. in biology with a minor in psychology. Marlene visited Greenland for the first time in 2000, and she was so captivated by the light, scents and nature that she only slept a few hours the first night. As a tour guide for Greenland Travel, she wants to convey her respect for and fascination with "Kalaallit Nunaat" (the land of the Greenlanders).

Mina Lennert Petersen

Tour Guide

Mina has been employed by Greenland Travel since 2007. Before this she was employed by Air Greenland for 15 years. Mina has Greenlandic roots and grew up in Greenland. To this day, she still has many important ties to Greenland, including friends and family. Therefore, it is important to her that her information about the Greenlandic society is always up-to-date, and that she can tell vividly about the culture and history of her ancestors and about Greenland's development in recent years.

Ole Severinsen

Tour Guide

Ole has worked at Greenland Travel since 2017, but he has worked in Greenland on various expeditions since 2005. He loves being active and enjoying the outdoors, and his broad work experience makes him an inspiring tour guide.

Tilo Krause

Tour Guide

Tilo has spent every summer in Greenland since 2006, both as a tour guide and on field research. Tilo has a master's degree in German and history from Roskilde University. He has been employed by Greenland Travel since 2007.