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64° N: Nuuk Greenland
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64° N: Nuuk Greenland 
The Capital of Greenland

Every day, all year round, people travel to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, and make this town the busiest in Greenland. Nuuk is also the largest town in Greenland. With more than 17,000 citizens per 2016, the town has a lot to offer and actually feels like a small metropol.

In the eyes of the Greenlanders, Nuuk's large population makes Nuuk a big city. And, actually, it is fairly big. In fact, it takes several hours to walk from one end of Nuuk to the other, as the town itself has gradually spread across some large districts. For instance, the suburb of Nuussuaq would be Greenland's second-largest town had it been a separate town.

A regular boom in construction has meant that Nuuk not only sees new buildings being raised on a regular basis, but entire neighbourhoods pop up. And should you run into a rain or snow shower, you can seek cover in the Nuuk Centre where you can shop for anything. Well, almost anything.

Travel to Nuuk Airport

Nuuk Airport is one of the busiest in Greenland. However, Nuuk Airport is not big enough to handle larger aircrafts such as Airbus and Boeing 747 so, in order to travel to Nuuk, most people travel with domestic flights from Kangerlussuaq Airport or from Reykjavik in Iceland.

Take a look at this short video from Nuuk Airport on a sunny day and get a feel of just how busy Nuuk Airport is and how many people travel to and from it everyday.

Greenland Nuuk - the Old harbour and church in Nuuk

The modern Capital of Greenland Nuuk

If asked to describe the capital of Greenland Nuuk with just one word, most people would probably avoid using the word 'beautiful', but as the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is surely true when it comes to Nuuk.

Standing in the heart of the town, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the downright hideous looking blocks of flats that were raised in the 1960's and are still found in large numbers today. Replacing the housing stock is taking place, however, and one day, these monstrosities will also be gone from the capital of Greenland.

If your eyes avert the old blocks of apartments, you will be able to discover that Nuuk actually has a lot of beautiful buildings. The old colonial area, where the national museum is situated, is well preserved and charming.

You should also walk by Qaqortoq/Myggedalen and see the many colourful houses there. In Nuussuaq, you will find neighbourhoods that almost resemble a bowl of M&Ms, as the terraced houses take all colours on the palette. Even pink and mint green blocks of houses have been built there.

The Artmuseum in Nuuk in Greenland

Capital of Greenland - also from a cultural perspective

Cultural life is definitely thriving in Nuuk, which is not only due to the architectural gem of the Katuaq arts centre in the heart of town, but due to the fact that the many people make it possible to practice all sorts of cultural activities. This not only includes traditional Greenlandic culture, which can be found in most villages in Greenland, but also genres such as classical music, hip-hop and techno have a scene in the town.

Stop by Atlantic Music and listen to some of all the incredible music that Greenland has to offer. A few years ago, before music become downloadable, Greenland ranged number one on the list of countries releasing the most CDs in relation to its number of inhabitants.

Capital Nuuk in Greenland
Photo: Daniel Gurrola - Visit Greenland

What to do in Nuuk

Nuuk have activities and offerings for both the cultural seeking visitor and the nature-loving visitor. The surroundings are perfect for sailing excursions, whale watching and hiking tours however mostly in spring, summer and autumn. In wintertime, skiing and snowboarding is the thing.
For those of you seeking cultural experiences, Nuuk is the best place in Greenland. Katuaq Cultural Centre often have concerts, theater plays and the like so check out their event calender before you travel to Nuuk.
A place not to miss is the National Greenland Museum where you find the famous Qilakitsoq Mummies. Nuuk Art Museum has changing exhibitions of modern art, and you should also visit the cathedral of Nuuk situated in the old part of Nuuk. Drop in for a wedding or a Sunday worship and listen to the beautiful sounds of Greenlanders singing their hearts out.

Winter in Nuuk in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Tourist in Greenland Nuuk

A lot of people ask what is the capital of Greenland? They surely want to visit the Capital of Greenland on their Greenland tour. Nuuk is always worth a visit and we offer several tours to Nuuk either as short trips to Greenland or roundtrips where Nuuk is part of a larger tour of Greenland. Tourist come to Greenland for various reasons and to explore various activities and experiences. Nuuk offer most of them but not all of them. 
You should visit Nuuk to experience the Capital of Greenland, to go whale watching in the fiords of Nuuk and to explore the beautiful surroundings. However, if you wish to experience large icebergs and go dog sledding, Nuuk is not the place. Then you should consider a round trip in Greenland to combine Nuuk with other places in Greenland. However, Nuuk is great to visit on a short trip from Iceland since both Air Greenland and Air Iceland have direct flights to Nuuk Airport.

Winternight in Nuuk in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Restaurants in Nuuk

When you come to the capital of Greenland, you have to try some of the wonderful restaurants in town. The average standard of living in Nuuk is high, which gives rise to a lot of interesting restaurants and cafés. At Hans Egede Hotel, for instance, you will find the Sarfalik restaurant, serving amazing versions of Greenlandic cuisine.

Not far from there, you can taste Greenlandic sushi at the Thai restaurant Charoen Porn, which by many has been named the second best Thai restaurant in the Danish realm – and rightly so, we might add. Just across the street, the kitchen of Café Esmaralda is also popular among diners.

Hiking in Nuuk in West Greenland

Although the capital is bustling with people, you do not have go far outside the town before feeling all alone in the world. A walk behind the Lille Malene mountain sparks that feeling. Moreover, the fjord system behind Nuuk is a spectacular sight. The fjord system is the second largest in Greenland – large enough to easily contain the Faroe Islands.

Nuuk is almost located right on the sea, making it chillier in town than in the fjord system where summers are really lush. The fjord system is also home to Restaurant Qooqqut Nuan, which serves delicious dishes while providing you with a no less than outstanding view.

Hiking in Nuuk in Greenland

The sea and the whales of Nuuk and Greenland

A whale photo safari in Nuuk is a must when visiting the capital of Greenland, and so are the fascinating boat trips to the old settlements near the town. In the waters surrounding Nuuk, humpback whales and minke whales are common visitors.

If you do not have time to go sailing, make a quick stop to the point behind Tele Greenland. From this vantage point you can get a great view of both the town and the suburbs, but also of the fjord where you are likely to spot a whale swimming by.

Whales in Nuuk in Greenland

Northern lights in Nuuk

The Capital of Greenland does not only offer that many disco lights to those of you frequenting the night scene. However, Nuuk is a great place to watch Northern Lights even though Nuuk is a larger city with a lot of street ligths and lights from houses. You do not have to drive very far to get away from the lights and see the beautiful Northern Lights on a dark and clear nightsky.

Northern lights above Nuuk in Greenland

Sports in Nuuk

Nuuk is an excellent winter sports resort. Jump on the bus to the airport and you will find yourself at the foot of several ski slopes. Three lifts make sure that you are able to find new runs all the time. Snowboarding is very popular too, while you can also tear off on a snow scooter outside of town. If you enjoy cross-country skiing, you can gain access to a lot of tracks directly from within the town.

If you visit in summer, the capital of Greenland also has a nine-hole golf course, which has a lot of natural obstacles as it is placed in a beautifully undulating terrain. You might, however, end up walking quite far to reach balls that did not fly according to plan.

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