Greenland summer | Facts about Greenland summer

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Greenland summer | Facts about summer in Greenland

It is not without reason that Greenlanders love their summers so much. Although, that is probably true of most people in the world. However, when summer is brief and explosive, you really have to make the most of it. And Greenlanders know how to do just that.

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Green Greenland

Summer offers plenty of contrasts in a country covered in white for most of the year. The great melt-water rivers of spring have injected the frozen ground with lots of life, and everywhere flowers and greenery seem to sprout. This is particularly true in Southern and Eastern Greenland, but also by the fjords in Central Greenland you can experience this green wilderness flourish. Yellow buttercups cling to the hillsides and decorate the towns' many ditches.

Summer in Eastgreenland
Summer in Eastgreenland - Photo: Erwin Reinthaler

The contrasts

It might be a bit of a cliché to say that Greenland is the country of contrasts, but, after all, clichés do not arise out of nothing. And it is really spectacular seeing the green lushness near the Ice Cap. You might otherwise believe that the coldness from the ice would render the areas around it barren, but that is not always true. On the contrary, the melt water ensures a buzzing life of both flora and fauna.

Life all day

The small communities are particularly full of life. North of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun shines round the clock, sparking village life at almost all hours. Seeing children play out at night is not a rarity, and during their summer holiday, they have no reason not to either. 'Bedtime' is definitely not set in ice this time of year. The locals also take the opportunity to go camping and to enjoy the many gifts of nature, such as trout and berries. In Southern Greenland, turnips are a popular delicacy among many, and they are sold by the dozen in stores.

Midnightsun in Ilulissat in Greenland
Midnightsun in Ilulissat in Greenland - Photo: Rino Rasmussen - Visit Greenland

Picture perfect 

In Greenland, you are constantly reminded about the presence of nature, and your job is to take it all in. Many mornings in Greenland offer a misty and foggy start to the day, like many other places in the world. On days like that, we can only recommend that you head out to the fjord armed with your camera. You would definitely want to capture the sight of the fog lifting, exposing the icebergs beneath and the mountain peaks towering above you, while the mist disperses in the heat of the sun.

Active holiday or relaxation

All year round, different types of tourists come to Greenland. Here they have the option of relaxing and witnessing the many wonders of nature at their own leisurely pace. But there are also many who come to have an active holiday. Their options for challenging themselves are plentiful. Greenland offers climbing, diving, hiking and running. As a traveller, you have the opportunity to customise your own holiday, as the various regions have different things to offer.

Hiking in Eastgreenland
Hikers in Eastgreenland - Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Temperature in Greenland

When going to Greenland, you should always bring warm clothing. Out on the water it is often cold. That being said, temperatures in summer typically range from 5 to 15 degrees centigrade in the shade, and the further south you go, the warmer it obviously becomes. That may not seem much if you are used to the weather in the Mediterranean countries, but in Greenland that is actually quite warm and comfortable due to the strength of the sun and the dryness of the air. Therefore, it is also far from uncommon to see people wearing shorts and T-shirts in summer, but in the evening, most people tend to put on additional clothing.

Guide to Greenland holidays

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