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Autumn in Greenland

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Greenland in the fall offers many great experiences! The colors of nature change, the hunting season sets in and the fishing starts up again. Autumn in Greenland is something very special!

The hunting season sets in

– No matter if you’re hunting berries or large animals

Autumn in Greenland is a little longer than spring, but not that much. The days are getting shorter again, and temperatures drop. As in the rest of the world, autumn colors are something special. Everywhere you look, you see red, yellow, brown, and dark green colors become the dominant colors in the landscape when you turn your eyes away from the dark blue waters of the fjords.

In the morning, you can experience the beautiful crystals of the rime on the bushes, and it even feels as if there is a special crispness in the air.

In the summer, the Greenlanders have been catching their trout and salmon and, in autumn, they have to fill up the rest of the freezer. The hunting season sets in and people flock out to go reindeer and musk ox hunting – and there are more than plenty of big animals. In an Arctic climate, where grazing can be scarce, it is important to make sure that the herds of reindeer and musk oxen do not get too big as, otherwise, a lot of animals will die from starvation. The remaining animals will eat all the vegetation, and this will be the start of a bad circle. So regulated hunting is important.

Autumn is also when blueberries and blackberries are getting ripe, and out in the mountains, you will see lots of people bent over, picking the berries that grow close to the ground. Then they go home and make jam or marmalade, and a very popular dish is fresh blackberries with milk.

Autumn has become a very popular season for our travelers to go to Greenland. We understand why, especially since the mosquitos are gone by now.

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