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Practical information / Greenland customs and tax regulations

Greenland customs and tax regulations

Looking to purchase items for import or export to Greenland? Read more about customs and tax regulations here.

We recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the customs and tax rules when travelling. We take reservations for the content on this page in relation to both typos and changes in customs regulations. You will always find the updated rules on the government website (Link: in Danish and Greenlandic only). Therefore, we encourage all travellers to double-check the current customs regulations at the airports.


Customs rules on entry to Greenland (persons over 18)

The rules below apply from August 17, 2016, the Executive Board’s Executive Order No. 19.

Article 1: By entry means personal entry to the tax area in connection with the arrival from abroad, including Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Article 2: Upon entry, travelers can bring tax-free or buy goods to the following extent:


200 pcs. Cigarettes,

     • or 50 pcs. cigars,

     • or 100 pcs. Cigarillos,

     • or 250 g of smoking tobacco,

     • or 250 g of slanted or snuffed tobacco.

• 200 pcs. cigarette paper or cigar ethyl streaks

• 1 liter of alcohol over 22 % of alcohol

     • or 2 liters of liqueur wine below 22 % of alcohol

• 2.25 liters of table wine of less than 15 %  of alcohol

• 2 liters of beer

• 2 liters of carbonated soft drinks or caffeinated beverages with a caffeine content of more than 149 mg per liter

• 1 liter of drinking water

• 50 grams of perfume and 0.25 liter of Eau de toilet

• Cosmetics and other toiletries for a total maximum value of DKK 1,000

• 4 kg in total of chocolate and sweets

• 4 kg in total of coffee and tea

• 5 kg in total of meat, meat products, and poultry


Article 3. The tax exemption for tobacco products, spirits, wine, and beer only apply to persons aged 18 or more.