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What should I wear?

In this section, you will find advice and guidance for clothing on your trip to the Arctic with Greenland Travel.

We have many years of experience in traveling to Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, and Antarctica. We know what things you should have on your package list, both in terms of clothing, but also which other essential items you may need to bring.


What clothing should I pack for my trip?

The right clothing is an essential prerequisite for getting the most out of your journey. Our destinations are ideal for active holidays in nature, both summer, and winter. We have many years of experience with what is right to bring on a trip to the Arctic.


Informal dress, using the layer-on-layer principle

In general, the dress code in Greenland is casual and practical.

At restaurants, you are equally welcome in jeans and sweater as in a jacket and tie. With every trip we offer, you always get a specific packing list for that particular trip.

Regardless of the season, dressing according to the layer-on-layer principle is recommended, where the outer layer should be water and windproof. In summer, both shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts can be comfortable. However, you should always remember to keep a sweater and long pants ready as the weather is changeable.


Clothing can be both smart and practical

If you have any questions about apparel or you need to buy new ones, we recommend that you contact your local sporting goods store. Here you can get advice and guidance. These stores usually have a large selection of smart and practical clothing that can be used all year round – both as everyday wear and when traveling.


Packing Lists

For each of our trips, you will find a packing list that is specific to that trip.

Below, you will find our packing lists for trips to Greenland. On some trips, there is a higher demand on your clothing and equipment, and this is specified in our packing lists.


Packing lists for your trip

Packinglists for your arctic tour