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Practical information / Currency and payment cards

Currency and payment cards

It is always important to find out about currency and payment methods when traveling to other countries. On this page, you can read about currency and payment cards in Greenland and Iceland.

Currency and payment cards in Greenland

Danish kroner (DKK) are used in Greenland, and you can pay with the most common credit and debit cards in most towns. You can usually also buy excursions and souvenirs with credit cards. You can withdraw cash in the larger towns.

We recommend that you always have some cash on you, especially if you want to buy freshly caught fish at the harbor or go to a small workshop in a settlement.

Currency and payment cards in Iceland

In Iceland, Icelandic kroner (ISK) are used, and you can pay with all common payment cards and withdraw money in ATMs in the larger towns and cities. Credit cards are widely used in Iceland.

Always pay in local currency when you pay by credit and debit card. You are sometimes asked if you want to settle in local currency or your own currency. It is usually best for you to pay in the local currency.