Flights to Greenland - find out how to get to Greenland

Flights to Greenland - find out how to get to Greenland

Find out how you get to Greenland

There are basically two modes of transportation to Greenland. You can either travel by air to one of the few international airports or sail with a cruise ship to Greenland. The vast majority of travelers to Greenland go by air with one of the airlines who operate flights to Greenland. Currently, there are two airlines that operate regular services to Greenland: Air Greenland and Air Iceland. The five most common international airports are Kangerlussuaq, Narsarsuaq, Nuuk, Ilulissat and Kulusuk.

The most used flights are from Copenhagen to Greenland has a flight time of 4,5 hours. Due to a time difference of four hours you almost depart and arrive at the same time. This is very convenient since your first day in Greenland then becomes a full day even though you have traveled across the Atlantic Ocean for 4,5 hours. 

Fly with Air Greenland to Greenland

Air Greenland flies to all Greenland airports

Air Greenland is by far the largest of the two carriers flying into Greenland. It carries out flights all year round to and within Greenland. You can travel to Greenland from either Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, or you can take a flight from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Air Greenland is Greenland’s national airline and, as mentioned, operates both the routes from Copenhagen and from Reykjavik International Airport, Keflavik. Air Greenland also offers flights to almost all airports and heliports and helistops in Greenland all year round. Actually, Air Greenland is the only airline in Greenland that offers domestic flights all over Greenland. 

Fly directly from Copenhagen to Greenland with Air Greenland

When you fly with Air Greenland from Copenhagen (CPH) it is a non-stop to Kangerlussuaq (and, in the summertime, Narsarsuaq). On these flights, you travel on the big, comfortable Airbus 330-200 aircraft with good service with full catering and baggage included. Ask us at Greenland Travel if you are not sure which fligths are the best for you.

Kangerlussuaq Airport in Greenland

Most travelers to Greenland board a flight from Copenhagen in Denmark to the largest airport in Greenland, Kangerlussuaq Airport, just north of the Arctic Circle in West Greenland. This is due to the fact that Kangerlussuaq is one of the largest airports in Greenland and can handle larger aircrafts such as Airbus and Boeing 747 and, from Kangerlussuaq, there are connecting flights to the entire west coast of Greenland where most towns in Greenland are situated. 

The Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq flights is the main route to Greenland and a perfect place to start your Greenland trip. In addition, you can fly from Copenhagen all year round and Kangerlussuaq Airport is the most weatherproof airport in all of Greenland.

Tourism in Kangerlussuaq 

For tourists to Greenland, Kangerlussuaq is a great place to visit. The town of Kangerlussuaq is only a 25 kilometre drive from the Inland Ice Cap where you can actually set foot on the ice. This is one of the most popular attractions in Greenland and the best place to get close to the Inland Ice Cap. 

Kangerlussuaq Airport has an interesting story. The airport was originally built by the Americans during World War II and it maintained status a an American base, Blue West Eight, until 1992. Today, Kangerlussuaq is the busiest International Airport in Greenland and it exceeds by far the other Greenland airports in number of passengers.

Read more about Kangerlussuaq here

Narsarsuaq Airport in Greenland

Narsarsuaq Airport is also one of the big airports in Greenland with a runway big enough for larger aircraft. Narsarsuaq Airport is situated in South Greenland and, to most inhabitants in South Greenland, Narsarsuaq is the natural airport to travel to and from Greenland. Narsarsuaq Airport was also originally an American Base built in 1941 during World War II. The name of the base was Bluie West One.

Flights to Narsarsuaq is carried out by the airlines Air Greenland and Air Iceland. The direct flights from Copenhagen with Air Greenland is operated only in summer and not every day. In the winter time, travelers to and from Narsarsuaq have to fly via Kangerlussuaq or Nuuk with domestic flights. Most passengers to Narsarsuaq go to or come from Qaqortoq, the largest town in South Greenland.

Narsarsuaq and South Greenland is a wonderful place for tourists in summer time. It is especially popular among hikers and travelers interested in historical places and settlement history. Right across the fjord from Narsarsuaq lies the settlement Qassiarsuk, formerly Brattahlid, homestead of Erik the Red. This is where Leif Eriksson sailed out from when he discovered Vinland on the North American mainland.

Flights to Greenland from Iceland

Flights from Iceland to Greenland  

You can fly to Greenland from Iceland. You can fly to many towns in Greenland from Reykjavik in Iceland. The flights depart either from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) or from Reykjavik Domestic Airport (REY). Both Air Greenland and Air Iceland operate flights from Iceland to Greenland.

Air Iceland fly to selected Greenland airports from Iceland

Air Iceland operates out of Iceland and has flights to several Greenlandic Airports from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and Reykjavik Domestic Airport (REY). Air Iceland does not operate all of the routes all year. This means that there can be times of the year when you must fly to Greenland from Copenhagen Airport (CPH). 

However, the vast majority of tourists traveling to Greenland come at the time of the year with regular flights from Iceland to Greenland

The most popular flight destinations from Iceland to Greenland are:

  • Nuuk Airport in West Greenland
  • Ilulissat Airport in the Diskobay in West Grenland
  • Narsarsuaq Airport in South Greenland
  • Kulusuk Airport on the East Coast of Greenland

Routes from Iceland are operated by the airlines Air Iceland and Air Greenland. Some routes have departures from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and others depart from Reykjavik Domestic Airport (REY). 

Getting to Iceland

There are many major airlines that fly to Iceland. The two largest Icelandic companies are Icelandair and Wow Air. When you fly to Iceland, you land at Reykjavik International Airport (Keflavik Airport). You can fly direct to Greenland from the same airport or switch to Reykjavik Domestic Airport (REY). Most travelers stay overnight in Reykjavik on the outward and return journey to Greenland and combine the two destinations, Iceland and Greenland.

How to get to Nuuk Airport

If you want to go to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, you can either fly via Reykjavik or Copenhagen. The runway at Nuuk is not long enough for major international aircraft to land there, so flights are carried out with smaller aircraft from either Iceland or domestic flights from other towns in Greenland. 

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and the biggest town in Greenland and it plays an important role as center for politics, trade and culture. There are plans of extending the runway of Nuuk Airport, enabling it to handle larger aircraft and making it possible to fly directly from Copenhagen to Nuuk. Greenland is part of the Danish Realm and thus has strong political, cultural and trade connections to Denmark.

Read more about the capital of Greenland Nuuk

International flights to Nuuk Airport

  • Flights throughout the year from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and domestic flights to Nuuk with Air Greenland
  • Flights some of the year from Reykjavik/Keflavik to Nuuk Airport with Air Iceland or Air Greenland
Flight to Greeland

Domestic flights in Greenland

Virtually all domestic flights in Greenland are operated by Air Greenland and transportation is either carried out by fast-wing aircraft to most larger towns or by helicopter to towns and villages without a runway.

Domestic flights in Greenland are part of your travel experience. Most airports in Greenland are very small and you do not have to spend hours in airports when travelling domestic. Most domestic flights are carried out with smaller Dash-8 aircrafts and the flights are carried out in altitudes where you can easily see the details of the landscape, the small, colored houses and huge icebergs.

Guide to Greenland holidays

In guide to Greenland holidays you find an overall introduction of Greenland as travel destination, when, where and how to find your dream Greenland holiday.

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