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Tikilluarit. Welcome. / Denmark’s Most Recommended Company 2022

Denmark’s Most Recommended Company 2022

In December 2022, we were honored when Relationwise, a company that measures customer and employee satisfaction, named Greenland Travel as Denmark’s Most Recommended Company in 2022. We find several of Denmark’s most popular companies among previous winners and nominees, such as Irma (an upscale supermarket) and Tivoli Gardens.


Why did we win this award, and what does it mean?

We all know that the last few years have been tough. First, Covid-19 made many businesses keel over. Still, only a few industries were as badly hit as the travel, tourism, and experience industries, as people couldn’t travel or go out to experience. Afterward, the Ukrainian war and high inflation also made life harder for many.

Relationwise has produced a written explanation of the awards and the methods behind them. We have picked from the report here – and the pictures are also from the same report (the report is only available in Danish).

Management in the headwinds

Jørgen C. Andersen, director of Relationwise, mentions both the corona and the weather in Greenland as problems but then gets to the heart of the matter: “It’s easy enough to lead when things are going well, but quite another thing when we’re challenged. That’s what we call leading against the wind. And Greenland Travel has proven how to act during crises and when customers experience challenges.”

Empathy and responsiveness

Relationwise notes that one attribute Greenland Travel values highly is the very essence of customer loyalty: empathy!

As our Head of Leisure Peter Simonsen says: “Communicate with your customer! Look the customer in the eye. The moment customers run into something that is not in line with what you had promised them or given them by expectation, look them in the eye and work for it. Be available to your customer. We have plenty of problems, but our dialogue with the customer gives us happy customers.”

Our CEO Peter Bastrup says something similar: “It’s not always that we’ve had a solution, but we always contact customers anyway and tell them what we know, and that, of course, we’ll keep them updated when we know further. We take responsibility for the customer and for what we promise and sell to the customer. We also take responsibility for our employees and our company. If we make a mistake, we stand by it, and that’s that. If the customer needs to be compensated, then the customer will be compensated – there is no discussion about that; we don’t spend energy on that.”

Greenland Travel bases its service on its core value, “Tikilluarit,” a Greenlandic word meaning “welcome.” It is about meeting the customer the way you would like to be met by any company. As Peter Simonsen puts it:

“It’s basically about empathy. Empathy is more than sympathy. It’s about understanding the customer – not just empathizing with the customer. We must understand how the customer experiences the given situation, put ourselves in their shoes and then act as you would want a travel company to act towards you in a similar situation.”

We owe a huge thank you to customers and staff who have helped us overcome the crises of recent years!