Greenland Travel | Greenland Travel guideteam

Greenland Travel | Greenland Travel guideteam

Greenland Travel Guide Team

When you choose one of our guided tours, you are taken lovingly by the hand and led into an amazing world of ice, snow and spectacular nature - by enthusiasts who are both passionate and highly knowledgeable about Greenland. 

Knowledgeable enthusiasts who love to impart wisdom 

All our guides have extensive knowledge of Greenland. Many also have specialist knowledge in areas such as history, eskimology, the Arctic environment, botany, Scandinavia and dog sledding. A knowledge they love to share with their guests. 

Meet your guide

Our team of guides comprises a faithful troop of experienced guides who return year after year. Meet some of them here:

Mina Lennert (1949)
Traffic assistant, station manager and secretary, respectively
Guide since 2008

”My message is always positive about Greenland and the history of my ancestors' country - whether I am standing by an old settlement or a newly built complex.”

I was born and bred in Sisimiut in Greenland, and am bilingual. Both my parents were Greenlandic and I still have a large family there, who I am in daily contact with and visit regularly.

I have always worked with service, communication and information, and also worked as a station manager in Tasiilaq and as a secretary for the Home Rule Denmark office for 7 years. My heart will always be in Greenland. I keep up to date with conditions and day to day life in Greenland. And I am always positive about Greenland and the history of my ancestors' country - whether I am standing by an old settlement or a newly built complex.

Peter Hersted (1953)
Qualified teacher
Guide since 2008

”Having been brought up freely among cliff tops and icebergs, the sea, fresh air, sled dogs and eternal sun, I have a cultural insight that has taught me never to take anything for granted.”

I was born and brought up in Greenland and have lived in places such as Qeqertarsuaq and Nuuk. Having been brought up freely among cliff tops and icebergs, the sea, fresh air, sled dogs and eternal sun, I have a cultural insight that has taught me never to take anything for granted.” I am most at home in the mountains, I wear a hat when I sail, and can handle a group of Greenland dogs. My communication of the culture and nature is personal, warm and with a touch of humour.

In my job as a lecturer at the Material Design School at Ilinniarfissuaq (Greenlandic college) I have been organising courses in Greenlandic culture for teachers and trainee teachers for many years. I am a qualified teacher."

tilo krause guide grønlands rejsebureau

Tilo Krause (1979)
Degree in history and German
Guide since 2007

"I went to Greenland for the first time in 2006.
Since then I have spent every single summer in the country, as a guide and on historical/archaeological field research."

After these first six summers in Greenland I have gradually been able to identify the actual core of my ongoing interest in the country: It is not just about the clear air, the wide, white horizons or the spectacular landscape. It is just as much about the highly romanticised vision that us Europeans, both now and throughout history, have placed on this country. I often still catch myself in 21st century Greenland walking round with those European adventurer's glasses from the end of the 1800s! With this common trait in mind, I always consider it a tempting challenge together with my guests to look at the country with a slightly clearer vision than these glasses provide, at modern Greenland in the era of Home Rule.

Trine Markvart (1976)
Outdoor guide
Guide since 2010

”Greenland is wonderful, alluring and highly addictive
The beauty and peace are
indescribable – and can only be felt with your whole body.”

"My first encounter with Greenland was in April 2007. Even before I went there I knew it would not be a brief encounter. In July of that year I moved there. I have since returned to Denmark, but go to Greenland several times a year, and have travelled and hiked many hundreds of kilometres in the country. Greenland is wonderful, alluring and highly addictive. Being there fills me with peace, joy, humility and gratitude. The harsh, windblown landscape, the mountains, ice, rivers, fjords, sea and people. Raw and wild, yet also soft and fantastically mild.

Greenland is something quite unique, and even though I have now visited 40 other countries in the world, I have never experienced a place that touches me as deeply as this country. The beauty and peace are indescribable - and has to be felt with your whole. As a guide I always try to develop, get to new corners of this enormous country, meet new people and learn something new that can hopefully contribute to making my guests' experience even better."

Anton Møller Christensen (1977)
Construction engineer
Guide since 2009

"I have been fascinated by Greenland since my first meeting with the country in 2004 and I enjoy communicating my knowledge and love of the country to new visitors."

On the tours I guide I like to create opportunities for experiences in the wild and fascinating nature, which lies just a few steps from the hotel or hostel where we are staying. I would also like to show visitors the friendliness, helpfulness and immediate joy I have experienced myself from most Greenlanders.

Ulla Grymer (1980)
Degree in social studies/history
Guide since 2007

Before even arriving in Greenland, I already look forward to getting out into the nature, feeling its rhythm and marvelling at its attractions and wonders. I look forward to focusing on everything from the enormous icebergs to the tiny flowers that survive the bleak climate. And I look forward to donning my hiking boots and doing some whale and bird watching! There is nothing quite like sitting on a stone, zipping coffee from a Thermos, just chilling out and enjoying the view, letting in the peace, the immense sky and clear air.

I am fascinated by both the new and old Greenlandic history, as it helps give an understanding of the country and its people, and the challenges they deal with day to day. I hope my admiration for Greenland rubs off on the guests, so they too fall in love with this beautiful country.

John Gitz Holler (1949)
Senior bank clerk, insurance agent, degree in history, forestry and sawmill operations
Guide since 2007

”Once in Greenland, always in Greenland”, the Minister for Greenland Mikael Gam once said, and I would like to steal his words.

I lived and worked in Nuuk for about six years in total, during the 1980s and then again until spring, 2011. I have a lot to say, a great deal of professional knowledge and local experience, and I love to share my knowledge and passion for the Arctic metropolis, its surrounding mountains, and sprawling complex of fjords and settlements with my guests.

I am a qualified banker, and later gained a B.A in history and have studied both the Greenlandic Middle Ages and Greenland's modern history. During my second time in Greenland I organised and ran town and mountain hikes, and shared my knowledge and quality experiences with an captivated audience.
In my younger days I backpacked through South America for a year, and last year did the Camino pilgrimage through Northern Spain.

Tanya Wünsche (1981)
Teacher/outdoor pursuits guide, Masters in physical education/outdoor pursuits
Guide since 2006

"I lost my heart to Greenland - and don't want it back!"

I want to tell you about what the real Greenland is for me. The quite unique life lived amidst mountains, sea and ice. The subtle and cheerful culture you fall in love with. The unique, spectacular and endlessly stunning scenery. The changeability of the landscape, the excitement of testing your own limits against the forces of nature, and the peace that fills you with happiness and comfort. Fatigue, and sore feet finally released from hiking boots, and that special experience that has earned you a great meal.

In short, I want my guests to fall in love with Greenland as much as I have. And to give them the opportunity to discover all sides and facets of Greenland, from the Saqqaq culture to modern Greenland, from north to south, and mountain to city.

Rejseleder i Grønlands Rejsebureau Dorthe Pedersen

Dorthe Pedersen (1971)
Guide since 2006

"When people say Greenland, I always get a dreamy look on my face, because I am completely and utterly fascinated by this spectacular country. You could say that it has become a recurrent addiction, which year on year brings butterflies to my stomach."

My first encounter with Greenland was a 180 km hike through the wilderness from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. The following year I lived in Kangerlussuaq, and that was it, I was sold.

Every summer since I have guided tours to the most incredible places along most of the west coast, and more recently a tour with M/S Fox along the rugged east coast. I love to share my knowledge and love of everything to do with Greenlandic nature and culture.

As a geologist I can't help but tell my guests all about the stones and mountain types we come across, and how they were formed millions of years ago. But my fascination of the unique Inland Ice Cap and knowledge of climate research is also something I share along the way.

Apart from the exciting experiences, from whales at sea and Musk oxen on land, I am particularly interested in observing and photographing the delicate flowers, so I always carry a camera and a flora/fauna encyclopaedia in my backpack.

Gunnar Uhnger (1981)
Outdoor pursuits guide
Guide since 2011.

I am Norwegian and have extensive experience of outdoor pursuits in Norway and Iceland. These have varied between summer and winter hikes, and regardless of what the pursuit is, it just has to be outdoors. I go on all types of outdoor holidays, from canoeing in Canada to skiing in France. I am qualified in nature management. I have also studied physical education and outdoor pursuits, during which I got to enjoy my passion for a life spent in nature.

Guide i Grønlands Rejsebureau Steffen Fog

Steffen Fog (1978)
Guide since 1998

I love the nature and scenery in Greenland, and enjoy the outdoor life in the mountains and by the sea. I hope my enthusiasm and joy rubs off on others and to introduce guests to the major experiences that exist out in the Greenlandic nature and culture. I am an energetic and positive communicator of nature, whether in sunshine, fog or rain!

As I just can't get enough of nature, I also work as a nature guide. I often write articles for Visit Greenland, and recommend Greenlandic books on the arktiske anmeldelser website.

Guide i Grønlands rejsebureau Helle Lorentzen

Helle Lorentzen (1958)
Guide since 1980

Through a long-standing knowledge and respect for Greenland, I always want to give a varied picture of this country to the guests who take part in my tours. It is important to me that my guests experience both amazing scenery and the local people with their many values. They must experience Greenland as it is today in relation to its historical background. They need to be challenged in the wilderness and experience the joy of being in the mountains and nature.

My guests will also experience the culinary side of Greenland, where fresh food from the sea and mountains form our basic sustenance.

Simon Granjean (1984)
Human physiologist, outdoor pursuits guide
Guide since 2010

I have always loved the Nordic outdoor life, and the joy of feeling part of it. When in 2011 I experienced the outstanding scenery in Greenland, there was no doubt I would embark on a lifelong love affair, to which I would return many times. The immense raw nature and expanse is an incredible force of attraction to me.

I have made great use of Nordic nature for outdoor pursuits in the past. But nothing can compare with the scenery I have experienced in Greenland and Iceland, where everything becomes that must larger and awe-inspiring. The experiences I have had in Greenland and Iceland have really left their mark on me, and I have since wanted to pass on some of the majestic immensity of these countries to other curious people.

Christian Reimers (1979)
HR Manager Ilulissat municipality
Guide since 2007

"Of all the people I have travelled with in this country I have yet to meet someone disappointed by Greenland. That's understandable. Few places on earth take your breath away like Greenland. I think everyone should come and visit us, to see it for themselves."

My interest in the outdoor pursuits has always been there, from family skiing and hiking holidays in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains to, as soon as I was old enough, taking my alpine and off piste skis and moving to the Alps. I spent 5 years here finding the best possible Back Country ski runs and virgin mountain tops with deep snow.

During a later geographical study the North Atlantic swept me away, and when it was time for my thesis, I was in no doubt. It had to be Greenland! All I had to do was find a problem that would make a thesis based that far north viable. I therefore managed to combine my interest for mountainous winter landscapes with my career ambitions. Shortly after I got the opportunity to become a guide and thus introduce this amazing country to new people, and that was the end of that. Now I live in Ilulissat on Greenland's west coast where I work as an HR manager for the municipality. I spend my spare time in the mountains, dog sledding, skiing or in my hiking boots.

Guide i Grønlands rejsebureau Eva Aarestrup Christophersen

Eva Aarestrup Christophersen (1965)
Forestry worker and vicar

Greenland was love at first sight. The immensity is overwhelming, even from the plane before you arrive. Encountering the pure air. The sound of silence. The ice. Mountain hikes. Sitting and staring - at the ice. Letting the vastness and peace creep in under your skin. Letting the moment take hold of your body. Eating chocolate on the summit, while enjoying the view. Icebergs that creak and thunder. Summers and winters dressed in woolly clothes and fleeces. The midnight sun. The light. Life north of the Arctic circle. The raised eyebrows that greet you on the street. Humour. Happiness. A good laugh. History, present day, culture. The animals. Experiencing a sleeping whale. Puffins with their slightly stunted wings. A huge love of the country and a fascination of the Arctic.?

I have been a guide in Greenland for a number of years now. Always long to go back. I am a qualified forestry worker, and vicar. And have been a vicar in northern Norway for two years.

Rejseleder i Grønlands Rejsebureau Troels Grene

Troels Grene (1978)
Forestry graduate
Guide since 2000

My Greenlandic adventure began as a boy with a dream to join the Sirius Sled patrol. When I eventually gave up the Sirius dream, I had to find another way to get to Greenland, for that dream was still very much alive. That's when I applied to become a guide, and never looked back. Greenland is the ultimate travel destination!

As a guide I have worked in Greenland both in summer and winter, and am drawn to the country's spectacular scenery and vast expanses, whether seen from a dog sled in the winter or on foot in the summer. I want to share the love and admiration I have for this stunning country with the guests I bring with me.

Rejseleder i Grønlands Rejsebureau Trine Elgaard Olsen

Trine Elgaard Olsen (1982)
Degree in Physical Education
Guide since 2007

I fell deeply in love with Greenland the first time I was there, and every year I am hit by a lurking Greenland fever that means I simply have to return.
I have been there both in the summer and winter, with large groups on the cruises, with small groups at hostels and hotels and, not least, helped find Father Christmas with a group of children.

Each time is a small adventure, where I get to share part of the peace and the incredible nature with lots of lovely people. I am already looking forward to my next trip.

Rejseleder i Grønlands Rejsebureau Henri Gorm jensen

Henri Gorm Jensen (1944)
Chairman for Dansk Presseforbund, sergeant in the air force and typographer
Guide since 2007

My fascination with Greenland began in my school days, when in my geography and history lessons I learned of famous polar explorers such as Mylius-Erichsen, N.P Høeg Hagen, Jørgen Brønlund and Knud Rasmussen. Several of them died on their expeditions while discovering and mapping the harsh, and at that point not particularly people-friendly, country of Greenland. Exciting tales that left me spellbound, as they still do now.

Regardless of how often I visit this country, whether as a guide or privately, I become mesmerised, and still get the feeling whenever I leave a populated area that I am the first to take this path over the mountains and that I am completely alone in the world. Being a guide gives me the opportunity to further my knowledge and love of this country, and the whole trip is always worthwhile when I see my guests bitten by the same Greenland bug.