Visit UNESCO site Ilulissat in the Disco Bay, Greenland


Ilulissat in Greenland

Ilulissat - the capitol of the Disco Bay
Ilulissat means icebergs and refers to the Icefiord very close to the town of Ilulissat. Ilulissat is the center of the Disco Bay in North-West Greenland and it is a great place to spend your summer og winter holiday in Greenland.

Ilulissat lies only 30 minuttes walk from the UNESCO site Ilulissat icefiord and icebergs are off course the main attraction, however Ilulissat has a lot more to offer.

There are approximately 5,500 inhabitans in Ilulissat and more than double of of sledge dogs. The town is a great starting place for shorter or longer sledge tours in the beautiful area - on a longer sledge tour you can even experience driving on the Ice Cap.


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