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Are you looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Maybe you have already decided on a holiday to Greenland? Check out our travel guides to Greenland.

Find inspiration for your Greenland trip with our travel guides to Greenland.

You will find a wealth of exciting experiences and places for you to visit on your journey. Let yourself be inspired by what Greenland has to offer. We have a great selection of different holidays to Greenland, and we would love to show you this beautiful arctic paradise. Are you looking for a great arctic adventure? Do you want to experience The Big Arctic Five? Or maybe you want to find more inspiration for a holiday to Greenland?

Our travel guides are inspired by our own experiences from living in and travelling to Greenland. We want you to get your dream trip to Greenland and all the great experiences that entails.


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Ilulissat – the place with the famous Ice Fjord

Ilulissat – the city of icebergs – is situated right next to its impressive neighbor, the world-famous Ice Fjord. It became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004.

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Credit: Adam Lyberth, Visit Greenland

Northern Lights in Greenland

Experience the best Northern Lights in the world! Go on a Northern Lights tour in Greenland and see the amazing lightshow up close.

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Whales in Greenland

Get close to the giants of the sea. Greenland is home for many species of whales and you will have plenty of opportunity to experience these majestic animals.

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