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Glacier Lodge Eqi

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Stay and explore at Glacier Lodge Eqi, close to the calving glacier. You will get a fantastic view of the glacier, and the sound of the waves when they hit the coast is magical.

Glacier Lodge Eqi is located 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat and overlooks the magnificent Eqi Glacier across the fjord. Glacier Lodge Eqi is a sustainable project. Since 2001, the camp has been developed year after year to save CO2 and with great care for the environment. From Glacier Camp Eqi, you can go for hikes to the glacier and the Greenland Ice Sheet. You can even stay overnight on the Ice Sheet here.

Luxury in the wilderness

Glacier Lodge Eqi consists of 15 cottages and a community house. The camp is open from approximately mid-June to mid-September. In the cabins, there is a total of 52 beds. However, our guests usually choose to book the cabins as ordinary double rooms, and it is up to you whether you want to book the cottages for 1, 2, 3, or 4 people. When you stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi, you will have your own cabin. You will not share a cabin with anyone other than your fellow travelers.

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, you can choose how you want to stay overnight. There are four categories:

Standard Cabins
The Standard Cabins have a double bed and two bunks that can be used if more than two people stay overnight. You have shared showers and toilets if you stay at a Standard Cabin. New shared shower and toilet facilities have been built for the Standard Cabins.

Comfort Cabins
The Comfort Cabins are furnished with a double bed and a sofa. In addition, there is a separate bathroom in the Comfort Cabins. The cabins have underfloor heating, which is powered by solar energy.

Comfort Deluxe Cabin
The Comfort Deluxe Cabins are located exclusively in the front row down to the water. You have a great view of the fjord and the calving glacier through a large panoramic window. In addition, there is a separate bathroom in the Comfort Deluxe Cabins. The cabins have underfloor heating, which is powered by solar energy.

Glamping/Wilderness Tents
Glamping is becoming more and more popular. The glamping tents have quality beds, a modern Nordic-inspired interior, and a private terrace overlooking the Eqi Glacier. There is no water or electricity, so you find shower and toilet facilities nearby.

Electricity at Glacier Lodge Eqi is provided by solar cells, and all waste is carefully collected and brought back to Ilulissat.

Comfort cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi - Photographer: Greenland Travel
Amazing view from a comfort cabin at Eqi in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland Travel
The standard cabins at Eqi in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland Travel
Comfort cabins at Eqi Lodge in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland Travel

Café Victor

Café Victor is where you will have your meals. Despite its location “in the middle of nowhere,” the kitchen staff is known for serving really good food, and the chef takes pride in the fact that the food is super-delicious and something you would not expect out here in the wilderness. In the kitchen, skilled chefs use as many Greenlandic ingredients as possible.

Solar cells ensure that there is power for three freezers, a refrigerator, an extractor hood, lights, water purification, alarms, a satellite phone, and much more.


Eqi has great historical significance

Paul-Émile Victor’s old cabin lies next to Glacier Lodge Eqi. From here, the French glaciologist made many expeditions to the Greenland Ice Sheet from 1948 to 1953. The site has been popular for expeditions. It is easy to get here by boat, and it is not that hard to get access to the Ice Sheet. Thus, many scientific expeditions have started here, and you can walk in their footsteps.

In addition to Paul-Émile Victor, H.J. Rink started an expedition here in 1848, M.P. Porsild did it in 1913, and Alfred Wegener in 1928. The tracks of Paul-Émile Victor’s expedition vehicles are still evident, and it is a good reminder that the Arctic nature cannot restore itself in the way nature can restore itself in the rest of the world. In the Arctic, we need to take extra care of nature!


Exciting excursions

Glacier Lodge Eqi offers great excursions. You can go to the edge of the moraine by the glacier, or to the lake that lies in the hills above the camp.

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Tents in the wilderness in Eqi

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, you can always stay in a lovely cabin. On top of that, now you get the opportunity to spend the night in a very comfortable tent in the wilderness! These tents are the latest news in our beautiful cabin village. They’re located close to the original hut that polar explorer Paul-Émile Victor built in the 1940s and 50s.

Do you also think it is a hassle crawling through tiny zipper openings when it comes to tents? In ordinary tents you often lie on a camping mat with the little comfort that provides.

It’s quite the contrary when you imagine our tents in the wilderness. They are bigger and a lot more comfortable. In our tents, you can stand up to your full height, you get to sleep in a real bed and the tents are equipped with all the necessary furniture for a great camping experience.

The large windows allow for a lot of light and a lovely atmosphere in the tent. All tents are built upon a wooden platform above the ground. Beautiful outdoor space surrounding each of the tents allow you to enjoy the direct view of the calving glacier in Eqi. You’ll find sheets and towels in each tent and you have access to the joint bathing and toilet facilities next to Café Victor.

Scandinavian design in the Wilderness tents in Greenland - Photographer: World Of Greenland
Closet space in a Wilderness tent - Photographer: World Of Greenland
Wilderness tents with a great view of the calving glacier in the bagground - Photographer: Mads Asbjoern Klausen
Scandinavian design in the Wilderness tents in Greenland - Photographer: World Of Greenland