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10 beautiful hotels and lodges in Greenland – that’s why we love them!

Inspiration / 10 beautiful hotels and lodges in Greenland – that’s why we love them!

Our favorite hotels and lodges in Greenland offer typical Greenlandic hospitality and Scandinavian design, combined with a fantastic view. Moreover the mentioned hotels give you great comfort, delicious food and fantastic nature just outside their door. Join us on a Greenlandic hotel adventure!

Greenlandic nature and comfort

Staying at hotels and lodges in Greenland can be a great and pleasant experience. A holiday in Greenland is mostly about nature. You are going to explore some of the most beautiful places in the world – and then get back and enjoy the hotel’s comfort like a marvelous terrace, where you can enjoy a well-deserved drink before you sit down at the dining table.

7 beautiful hotels in Greenland

  • Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat
  • Hotel Sisimiut in Sisimiut
  • Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk
  • Hotel Angmassalik in Tasiilaq
  • Hotel Qaqortoq in Qaqortoq
  • Hotel Icefiord in Ilulissat
  • Hotel Maniitsoq in Maniitsoq

3 amazing lodges

  • Glacier Lodge Eqi
  • Ilimanaq Lodge
  • Igloo Lodge


Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat

Greenland’s best and most famous hotel is Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. It has a fantastic view over the town of Ilulissat, its Icefjord and Disko Bay. Hotel Arctic is the world’s most northern 4-star hotel. Moreover, a 5-star conference center is available on site should you need it.

The hotel offers exceptional dinners in two restaurants. The large terrace outside the restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine while watching the midnight sun laying its golden glow over the icebergs by Ilulissat Icefjord. You are going to love it!

Hotel Icefiord

Hotel Icefiord is located by the waterfront in Ilulissat and offers you a wonderful view over Disko Bay with its big and beautiful icebergs. A large outdoor terrace invites you to sit very close to the water and listen to the crackling and dripping sounds of ice flakes that melt just below the hotel.

The 3-starred hotel has become so popular, that an extra floor has been built on top a few years ago. This hotel it is not far from many of Ilulissat’s attractions like the beautiful old Zion Church and the museum that has been the home of the world-famous explorer Knud Rasmussen, when we was a child.


Hotel Sisimiut

Hotel Sisimiut is a cornerstone in Greenland’s second largest town. You will find the hotel at one end of the town’s main street. The hotel is only a stone’s throw away from the magnificent nature you can find in Sisimiut’s neighborhood. Especially during winter, it is a paradise for lovers of alpine activities and – of course – dog sledding.

The hotel offers cozy rooms and a tasty place to eat, Brasserie & Restaurant Nasaasaaq. There is a lovely spa with two outdoor hot tubs, as well. You can lie here and enjoy the warmth after some good hikes or skiing trips during the day. Hotel Sisimiut is the ideal home away from home if you wish to experience one of Greenland’s most exciting towns.

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Hotel Hans Egede

You are going to find the newly renovated, 4-starred Hotel Hans Egede right in the middle of Nuuk. From its Restaurant Sarfalik on 5th floor you will get a totally fascinating view. From here, you can see all of Nuuk’s center as well as nearby mountains and the fjord.

Hotel Hans Egede is one of the biggest hotels in Greenland. An endless stream of people from all over the world stop by here – whether they’re on a business trip or on holiday. The hotel doesn’t accommodate less than two restaurants and a café. It is also host for larger parties and receptions in its conference department. There are rooms of several standards, so you can choose how you want to stay here.

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Hotel Angmassalik

There aren’t many views as great as the one from Hotel Angmassalik. We’d happily admit that it can be strenuous to get up on the hill, where the hotel is located. But it is worth the walk (and you can also get up there with the hotel’s minibus).

The newly renovated lounge of the hotel exudes a charming retro-atmosphere. You almost feel like being part of a Wild West movie. Apart from the cozy lounge areas and the pretty rooms, the hotel also offers a terrace with a breathtaking view. Tasiilaq is located in a beautiful bay and surrounded by spiky mountain tops. The view alone is a privilege and the hotel staff are doing their best for you to feel at home here.

Furthermore, Hotel Angmassalik is the only hotel in Greenland which is equipped with a private helicopter for excursions.

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Hotel Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq is the biggest town in southern Greenland. When you arrive here by sea, your eyes will automatically be drawn to Hotel Qaqortoq. This 4-starred hotel with its beautiful rooms is wonderfully located on top of a small hill with a view over the harbor and the town centre with its fine square and fountain.

Café/Brasserie Nanoq is popular for meals and gatherings with friends. Qaqortoq is a mecca for artists and some of Greenlands most popular ones come from here. Amongst others, the artist Aka Høegh lives in Qaqortoq. She is the woman behind the beautiful project “Stone and human”, where different artists have decorated stones and rocks all over the town.

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Hotel Maniitsoq

Hotel Maniitsoq has a fantastic location right above the harbor with a view of the fjord system. The restaurant of the hotel serves exceptional food. Here you can enjoy a social evening with the ones, you are traveling with.

The town of Maniitsoq is cozy and has a lot of small rivers and bridges. During winter and spring Maniitsoq is considered the center of Greenland’s best skiing area. It has some wonderful mountain tops and is close to the settlement Kangaamiut.

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