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6 different ways to spend the night in Greenland

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It is always wonderful to get back to your warm and cozy hotel, when you travel. But why not try some whole new ways to spend the night?

Are there hotels in Greenland anyway? Do Greenlanders still live in igloos? The first Inuit used snow, ice, stones, peat and skin, when they built their own accommodation. Today, there are many modern hotels in Greenland. Most Greenlanders live in beautiful, colorful houses with all amenities of a modern home. But there are also alternatives.

Places you can stay at in Greenland

Most travelers in Greenland stay at comfortable hotels or lodges. But Greenland offers some very special ways to spend the night for curious and adventurous travelers. Get a taste here.

  • A different kind of igloo
  • A real igloo
  • Stay on the Ice Sheet
  • Luxury in the wilderness
  • Spend the night like a catcher in a cabin
  • Sleep between icebergs

Spend the night in an igloo

A different kind of igloo

Would you like to try something as rough as living in an igloo on the edge of a beautiful fjord? In first line to arctic nature? From May to October, you can stay in one of the five unique double-room igloo-cabins by Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. Surrounded by rocks, Disko Bay and the colossal icebergs floating by.

The igloo-cabins are in their shape and design inspired by the classic igloo. However, ice and snow are replaced by a skeleton made of aluminium. It allows modern and comfortable facilities indoors as you will find at any other hotel room. But with a whole different feeling.


A traditional igloo

If a metal igloo is just too modern for you, come and stay in a real igloo of snow and ice in Ilulissat. This is only possible during the winter, though. Get on a whole-day-trip with us. We drive out to the mountains on snow mobiles and get to check-in to a genuine igloo. You are going to spend the night here. Right next to it, however, there is a hut where you can eat and meat the other guests in the igloo camp.

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A Traveler Enjoying The View From The Igloo Viewpoint At Hotel Arctic Near The Ice Fjord In IlulissatA Photographer In The Sunset Near Hotel Arctic In Ilulissat In Greenland

Stay on the Ice Sheet

Have you ever thought about how it would be to get on Greenland’s Ice Sheet and sleep where your only neighbor is endless ice? In that case, Camp Ice Cap might be just for you.

The camp is located right on the actual Ice Sheet in Greenland, only a few hours hike from the edge. You are staying in expedition tents on thick bunding and in very warm sleeping bags that make it a very comfortable experience.


Luxury in the wilderness

Only at few places in Greenland and maybe in the whole world, you can spend the night with such an extraordinary view. The place is Disko Bay with its two incredibly fantastic lodges with cabins. Glacier Lodge Eqi is a sustainable project that has been developed year on year since 2001 with great consideration of the environment. The small camp only has 15 cabins and a view to one of the most calving glaciers in Greenland. You can sit outside on your terrace and enjoy the view as well as the roaring bangs of the many tons of ice, constantly breaking off the glacier wall.

Ilimanaq Lodge south of Ilulissat offers a little different, but just as beautiful experience. There are 15 cabins built into the rocks not far from the south side of Ilulissat Icefjord. Here you can enjoy the huge icebergs. Whales and seals dropping by just outside the huge panoramic windows are not a rarity, either.

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Comfort cabins at Eqi Lodge in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland TravelComfort cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi - Photographer: Greenland Travel

Spend the night like a catcher in a cabin

Would you like to measure forces with arctic winter? Then a mini-dog sledding expedition with an overnight stay in a simple catchers’ cabin might be a good choice for you. Imagine a cabin in the middle of nowhere and no neighbors in a mile’s distance around you. Only snow, mountains, the fantastic Greenlandic Northern Lights on a dark and clear night sky. In the day time, you are riding on a dog sled with your coachman. At night, you are going to spend the night – possibly together with others – in one of the small catchers’ cabins that are located along the dog sledding trails.

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Sleep between icebergs

Imagine you wake up after a good nights’ sleep with a view of an iceberg so high, that you have to walk to the window to see its top. MS Sarfaq Ittuk is cruising up and down Greenland’s west coast and connects the towns and settlements along the coast. Locals as well as tourists go on the boat, cruising past fjords and glaciers and between the enormous icebergs that break off the glaciers.

In fall, you get a view of the Northern Lights’ dance above the icebergs from the deck. In summer, you can witness dawn and how the sun bathes the coasts and the ice in warm colors. You can get an impression of the many small colorful towns that the ship stops by on its way.

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The Greenland S Coastal Ferry Sarfaq Ittuk Sailing Among Icebergs In Disco BayPassenger Watching Sermitsiaq Mountain Disappear As Sarfaq Ittuk Sails Away From Nuuk