Where to go in Greenland


Where to go in Greenland

Greenland is the world's largest island and it stretches over more than 3,000 km from north to south. From a tourist point of view you can divide Greenland into four sections

The remote East Greenland
This is the rural isolated side of Greenland where few people live and few tourists visit every year. However, East Greenland offers some of the most beautiful nature seen in Greenland – and perhaps in the world.

West Greenland – Disco Bay, the most popular tourist area in Greenland
The west coast of Greenland and especially the area north of the Arctic Circle are easily accessible, very beautiful and very popular for Greenland travellers. This is the place where you find enormous icebergs, calving glaciers, the Inland Ice Cap, sled dogs and dogsledding activities.

West Greenland – the Capital of Nuuk
55,000 inhabitants live in Greenland and app. 15,000 live in the capital of Nuuk, located in Mid-Greenland. Nuuk is a modern town surrounded by beautiful nature, high mountains and fjords. It is a great place for whale spotting and many historical sights can be visited here.

South Greenland – green valleys, historical sights and the Inland Ice Cap
The southern part of Greenland is greener than the rest of the island and thus the Vikings named the island Greenland. The Ice Cap is close to the coast and is easily reached on foot or by boat. Distances are shorter in South Greenland which makes travelling by boat quicker, compared to other places in Greenland.

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