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Northern lights vacation

Go on one of our unforgettable northern lights vacation to Greenland and watch the amazing Northern Lights dance on the clear, cold polar sky.

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The fresh air and the stable climate make Greenland an irresistible destination for watching Northern Lights. In our opinion, the best in the world. You get all this in an untouched natural landscape that, even in plain daylight, is overwhelmingly beautiful.

In Greenland we are not searching for the Northern Lights. We just look up in the sky. There are no electric lights and rarely clouds that might take the view. No guarantees – but we are very close!

On this page, we have gathered a selection of beautiful trips to see northern lights in Greenland with plenty of opportunity to see this beautiful natural phenomenon with your own eyes.

Would you rather go on a shorter Northern lights tour?

Do you nurture a dream of watching the Northern lights on your trip to Greenland, but prefer a shorter breakout. Then try one of our weekend trips!

Beautiful hotels, unforgettable nature and exciting, local foods are only a few examples of what a journey to Greenland can entail. You will meet the Greenlandic culture with the friendly, local population on any trip, no matter which towns and settlements you visit. Dig into all the fantastic experiences and excursions, like the amazing icefjords, icebergs and the fantastic Northern Lights on a dark polar night or be fascinated when hiking in the stunning natural areas of Greenland.

Please take a look at the selection of our wonderful weekend trips to to see northern lights in Greenland below.

There is plenty of opportunity to get your eyes on the Northern lights, when you travel between the end of September and late March. In this period, the Northern lights often dance in the sky in a lovely, colorful show.

Would you like a really special trip to see northern lights?

Celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve in Greenland! Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Greenland is an incredible experience no matter which way you look at it. A white cover of snow stretches in all directions. A peaceful feeling settles everywhere. Christmas decorations are all around and fill the room with warmth and a cozy atmosphere on a wonderful Christmas Eve with delicious, traditional Danish food that is widely known in Greenland too.

There are no less than two New Years celebrations, because it is being cheered to for both Denmark (in the Western European time zone) at 8pm and for Greenland at midnight. Watch the amazing fireworks with all their beautiful colors filling the sky. Enjoy a tasty New Year’s menu during the gala show on the last evening of the year. You can combine your journey with amazing excursions. Go for stunning walks, watch the magic Northern lights and go dog sledding in Greenland in the fantastic arctic nature. Greenland doesn’t compare with any other place in the world.

Please take a look at our Christmas and New Year’s trips below. They are being arranged by our travel specialists, who know Greenland inside out. They are prepared to help you with your questions.

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