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Whale watching in Greenland – See the trips here

Get close to the majestic giants on a whalesafari. We promise that this experience will leave some special memories in your mind.

Go whale watching in Greenland

We love whales. Fortunately, there are 15 different kinds in the oceans around Greenland. Especially in Disco Bay and in the waters around Nuuk, you can get close to one of the most interesting and entertaining ones, the Humpback Whale. You will have the chance to catch a view of it from the coast or, even closer, on a boat trip. In a kayak, it gets even more special. Often you can spot it by the view or the sound of the whale’s breathing through its blowhole. It also comes to the surface when hunting food or playing and jumping out of the water. Its tail is uniquely characteristic and makes it appear big and elegant, when the Humpback shows it just before diving down into the sea.

On this page we have gathered a collection of fantastic trips with plenty of possibility to watch whales. If you are lucky, they even get very close to your boat and say hi.

Experience whales in Greenland

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Do you nurture a dream of going whale watching in Greenland, but prefer a shorter breakout? Then try one of our weekend trips!

Greenland has so much to offer. Beautiful hotels, unforgettable nature and exciting, local food are only few examples of what a journey to Greenland can be about. You will meet the Greenlandic culture with the friendly local population on any trip, when you visit the many towns and settlements. Dig into all the fantastic experiences and excursions, for example the amazing icefjords, icebergs and the fantastic polar lights on a dark polar sky or get yourself fascinated when hiking in the stunning natural areas.

Please take a look at the selection of our wonderful weekend breakouts below. There is plenty of opportunity to go whale watching and get close to those majestic giants. 

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