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Get the experience of your life at Glacier Lodge Eqi – recommended by the expert

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When you come across a travel consultant at Greenland travel, you will meet a genuine Greenland-lover and –expert!

When you come across a travel consultant at Greenland travel, you will meet a genuine Greenland-lover and –expert! Of course we have been there – many times. Because we love Greenland! Lars Thorning Madsen is our expert within tailor made journeys to Greenland. Lars has been selling trips to Greenland since 1978 and additionally, has been living in Greenland for 15 years. Amongst other jobs, he used to manage our local department in Ilulissat for 8 years.

Lars has been part of establishing Glacier Lodge Eqi – some wonderful cabins near the impressive glacier Eqi. Today, Eqi is a very popular destination for tourists. So what is more obvious than hearing what Lars has to say about the area?


What is the best thing about Greenland?

Every day, Lars is in touch with customers who would like to see the best spots in Greenland. But what are these and how to choose between so many interesting places?

”What you would find interesting, depends on taste and preferences. But if you ask me and if you take a look at statistical reports, then a lot of travelers prefer to visit Ilulissat and the UNESCO-protected Icefjord in North Greenland.”

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Looking out over the beautiful nature in Greenland
Sailing on the ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland

What is so special about Ilulissat and the Icefjord in Greenland?

“You definitely should go on a boat trip and cruise about at the mouth of the entirely amazing Icefjord and among its huge icebergs. Apart from that, I always recommend people to prioritize a stay or a trip to the calving glacier Eqi. Eqi is located about 50 miles north of Ilulissat. Here you will get an experience, that you don’t get any other place in the world!”

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What makes the Eqi Glacier so very special?

“When you are close to Eqi, you’ll get stunned by the fact that you can sit there and stare at the glacier for hours – if you are staying over in the cabins, that is. The glacier calves so often, that pretty much everyone – also if you get there on a day-cruise – can watch and hear it calve.

The enormous crash and the view of the icebergs falling into the water are simply impressive. You really feel very small and humble in this scene of nature!”

Comfort cabins at Eqi Lodge in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland Travel
Photo by Greenland Travel
Foto: Flemming Deleuran

How do I get to experience the Eqi Glacier?

“You can get there on a day-long cruise. It takes about 4½ hours to get there. Then the boat will sail around by the glacier for about 1½ hours. After that it will go to the cabins. People who are spending the night there, disembark and then the boat goes back to Ilulissat. It takes about 12 hours in total.

You can also choose to stay at one of the cabins of Glacier Lodge Eqi. In that way, you get more time to enjoy the glacier and its surroundings and you don’t have to stay on a boat a whole day. I would definitely recommend a stay in the cabins.”

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Any ”insider tips” for our travellers?

“I’ve got two!

Book two nights up there. That way, you’ve got a whole day to experience the area. For most people, this is a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. It is extremely annoying, if you get the feeling of not having had enough time there. I promise: You won’t regret it!

Most people do travel there in July, but I can actually recommend August. You avoid mosquitoes, and late summer in Greenland is fantastic. There is not a huge capacity at Glacier Lodge Eqi. That is why August is a good choice if you don’t want it to be too crowded.”


Are there other places, you would recommend?

”Yes, there have also been built 15 amazing luxurious cabins in Ilimanaq, just south of Ilulissat. At Ilimanaq Lodge, you can spend a night with a view of whales and icebergs in Disco Bay.

When you aren’t busy enjoying the view from your cabin, you can go on some exciting excursions into Disco Bay and experience the feel of history in the traditional settlement Ilimanaq.”

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Just ask Lars or one of his skilled colleagues!

If you have questions about Glacier Lodge Eqi or Ilimanaq Lodge, then ask one of our travel experts.

Then you will be a step closer to your dream trip coming true.