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Disco Bay in Greenland | Facts about Disco Bay in Greenland

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The Disco Bay in Greenland

The Disco Bay in Westgreenland is a popular place for travellers coming to Greenland. In fact, the Disco Bay in Greenland attracts the largest number of tourists to Greenland. 

The beauty of the Disco Bay is hard to explain however that at look at this film from a helikopter excursion in the Disco Bay and get a feel of this wonderful place.

Ilulissat Icefiord in the Disco Bay in Greenland

Ilulissat - the principal town of the Disco Bay

Ilulissat is the principal town in the Disco Bay and the most visited place in Greenland. The word Ilulissat means Icebergs, and they are the main reason for most people to make the journey this far north. Neighbour to Ilulissat town is Ilulissat Icefiord which is a UNESCO SITE. The beauty of this place is impressive and we believe this place deserves to be on the top 10 list of great places you must visit.

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Qeqertarsuaq in the Disco Bay in Greenland

Qeqertarsuaq – The Disco Island 

The old legends say that two sealers hunting for seals in Southern Greenland were irritated by the island being in their way, so they pulled it up north. Towing it after their kayaks, using a single and obviously incredibly strong string of hair from an infant, they moved the island! A witch in Ilulissat was pretty annoyed by the approaching island, so she cast a spell on the island, causing it to run aground. And that is the reason why the Disco Island lies where it does today. And it has been named Disco due to its round shape and not because it is the home of the popular Greenlandic music called Vaigat.

So, we can thank the two determined sealers and a witch for the beautiful location of the island. There is indeed something almost magical about the island itself with its beauty and its peculiar landscape of protruding rock figures in all sorts of shapes.

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Aasiaat in the Disco Bay in Greenland

Aasiaat and Qasigiannguit

There are more towns in the Disco Bay, including Aasiaat and Qasigiannguit. Aasiaat is a town of education where you are also able to experience Danish painter and sculptor Per Kirkeby's decoration of the local church. Moreover, Aasiaat is known for its great and wonderfully situated skerries, perfect for kayaking. Qasigiannguit has an exciting live museum, allowing you to experience how people lived in the old days.

Uummannaq in Greenland


Uummannaq is not located in the Disco Bay, but is sometimes regarded as part of the area. The town of Uummannaq on the island of Uummannaq is located north of the Nuussuaq peninsula, forming the northern shore of the Disco Bay. Uummannaq means the heart-shaped and is named after the steep mountain that towers above the town. Many travellers who visit Greenland again and again mention Uummannaq as one of their reasons for returning. This place is extremely beautiful!

Dog sledding in Greenland

Dog sledding in the Disco Bay

The Disco Bay is an interesting place to go dogsledding. The area has an abundance of dogsleds, and it is incredibly exciting to glide across the ice while the dogs in front of you enjoy pulling away. The Disco Bay is also the only place on the west coast where you can go dogsledding in summer. This happens on top of the island of Qeqertarsuaq on the Lyngmark glacier where eternal snow ensures ideal conditions for dogsledding even in summer. However, you should expect getting wet as the sunrays are naturally bound to melt some of the upper layers of snow.

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Whales in Greenland


The Disco Bay is also home to a large number of whales, allowing you to see the many different species inhabiting the area. Some of them live here, while others travel all the way from the Caribbean during summer. The Disco Bay is perhaps the best place in Greenland to go whale watching. Chances of seing whales up close are very high.

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