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Celebrate New Years Eve in Greenland

Fyrværkeri i Ilulissat - Fotograf: Shutterstock
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New Years in Ilulissat

We welcome you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Greenland, a truly unique experience. Not only because of the beautiful fireworks on the dark polar night sky but also because you celebrate the New Year twice: at 9 pm for friends in Europe and midnight for Greenland!

Experiencing winter in Greenland is like visiting an Arctic paradise where you can explore a magical winter wonderland. Our guests love the unique light despite – or possibly because of – the darkness, and they are very impressed by the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Greenland’s nature is beautiful all year round, and in winter, it’s wonderful when it’s covered in a blanket of snow and ice, creating a myriad of experiences under the Northern Lights. On our New Year’s Eve trips to llulissat, you’ll experience fireworks, northern lights, sled dogs, huge icebergs, and snow-capped cliffs.

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