Find Santa Claus in Greenland

4 days around Kangerlussuaq

Join us in our quest to find Santa Claus in the amazing Greenlandic nature surrounding Kangerlussuaq! Spend four wonderful days exploring the Greenland Ice Sheet, marvelling at the northern lights, musk oxen, sled dogs, and enjoy lots of playing in the snow. On top of this, you will stay near a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Santa Claus is busy preparing for the highlight of the year: The month of December with everything that entails. He is busy, but thankfully he has some nice elves to help him out. On this Christmas trip to Greenland, we focus on the children, so find your inner child and get ready to play like you used to.

The day program

The day programs on this guided trip include lots of playing and traditional Scandinavian “hygge.” You will go sledding and have a barbecue in the snow. You will look for wildlife and your search for Santa is one of many highlights.


The price for children (2-11 years old) applies when the child is accompanied by an adult in a double room.

It will not be possible to get an extra bed in the room, so if you are 2 adults and a child, you will need to book a single and a double room.

Please note!

Departure on November 20th needs a minimum of 10 participants to be guaranteed!

Departure on November 27th is a guaranteed departure

Guide language

Danish / English


  • Experience Scandinavian Christmas in Greenland 
  • Go in search of Santa Claus 
  • Keep an eye out for the reindeer 
  • Walk ON the Inland Ice Cap 
  • Play and make new friends 
  • Get a feel for what ‘hygge’ means 
  • Stay up late and see the Northern Lights dance in the sky 


  • Flights Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen
  • Transfers in Greenland
  • 3 nights at Old Camp hostel (with shared bathroom/showers)
  • Full board (excluding drinks)
  • Full excursion program in search of Santa Claus
  • Sightseeing in Kangerlussuaq
  • Excursion to the Greenland Ice Sheet Point 660
  • Trip to look for Santa’s reindeer/tundra safari
  • Playing in the snow with sleds
  • Making Christmas decorations
  • Travel guide (English and Danish-speaking guide)
  • Gift for the children, with a value of DKK 200
  • All flight/transportation taxes and fees known to Greenland Travel at the time of publishing
  • 20 kg of checked baggage and 8 kg of cabin baggage

Not included

  • Drinks
  • Travel Insurance

Day program

Ellen Fjellanger Schmidt
Day 1:
Flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, the search for Santa begins

The search for Santa Claus

Our trip starts at Copenhagen Airport. Cartoons and children’s menus are provided to keep the children happy on the 4½ hour flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq. As the aircraft approaches Greenland, you may see the enormous Greenland Ice Sheet from the air and get a sense of what lies ahead: Four days of fun at the edge of Greenland’s Ice Sheet.

After landing in Greenland, we drive to the Old Camp hostel, where we check-in and have lunch. While the adults are unpacking, the children can become acquainted with each other in the living room.

We visit sled dogs and look for Santa Claus

Your tour guide welcomes you, and then it’s time to head out to look for Santa. We take a bus into the snow-covered nature surrounding the village. We might meet wild musk oxen and reindeer along the way. We can’t promise it as the animals roam free, but if everyone crosses their fingers, we might succeed in seeing wildlife.

The Greenlandic sled dogs live at the dog yard, waiting for the fjord to freeze over and the snow to fall, so they can get out there and pull their dog sleds. Of course, the dogs will be delighted with our visit.

“Hygge” with æbleskiver and hot cocoa

At home in the camp, the table is set for Christmas fun with “æbleskiver” and hot cocoa. Æbleskiver are a Danish specialty that is also very popular in Greenland. It’s sort of a mix between a pancake and bun cake with a fluffy inside.

Later, after a well-deserved dinner, fatigue is probably setting in due to the four hours time difference between Denmark and Greenland. Everyone usually falls asleep early, but it doesn’t matter because we have an exciting program waiting for us the next day.

Experience the northern lights

If you are staying up longer, you may be lucky enough to experience the dancing northern lights outside in the dark and frosty evening sky. Often you don’t have to do anything but go right outside to see the northern lights. Old Camp lies two kilometers from the airport, and there is not a lot of artificial light here.

Who knows; Maybe you will also get to see Rudolph’s nose glowing in the dark!

Ellen Fjellanger Schmidt
Day 2:
Writing wish lists, lots of play, and fun in the snow

The time difference makes it easy to get up early on your first morning in Greenland. Some might even get up very early, so we make sure that there is breakfast with coffee for the early risers! In our experience, several kids will already be out in the snow with the sleds and bobsleds at this point!

A day of children’s games

Today we are entirely focussed on children’s games and true winter fun. We go sledding and have a bbq in the open air and enjoy the cold, fresh frost. You will also have the opportunity to go out on your own, and to go in and out whenever it suits you. No one should be freezing on this trip.

Santa’s helpers are ready for fun all day long! We will write wish lists to Santa, and then mail them in the large red mailbox. Of course, we keep an eye out for Santa, because you never know where he will appear. After all, we are in his very own country!

Ellen Fjellanger Schmidt
Day 3:
Excursion to the Greenland Ice Sheet - Santa in sight?

Can we find santa Claus in Greenland?

If we are lucky, we may see musk oxen, reindeer, snow hares, and polar foxes, and yes, maybe even the red hat…

Of course, we cannot reveal exactly what is going to be happening, but we promise it will be fun. However, something has to be left to the imagination, for what is a Christmas adventure without surprises?

The day ends in a true Christmas manner!

Ellen Fjellanger Schmidt
Day 4:
Flight from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen

It’s time to say goodbye to Santa’s Country. The early risers may catch a last bobsled ride in the snow before heading to the airport and flying home to Copenhagen. Here we will land in the evening, tired and happy after some glorious days.

Please note: The program may be subject to change.



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Excursions (Optional purchases)

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Practical information

Flight times (local time)

  • Departure from Copenhagen at 9:00 AM
  • Arrival upon return in Copenhagen at 8:15 PM

Please note that departure times are subject to changes.

This trip needs a minimum of 10 participants to be guaranteed.

Guide language

English and Danish-speaking guide


The price for children (2-11 years old) applies when the child is accompanied by an adult in a double room.

It will not be possible to get an extra bed in the room, so if you are 2 adults and a child, you will need to book a single and a double room.

Packing list

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Baggage included

20 kilos of checked baggage and 8 kilos of cabin baggage (max. dimensions of cabin baggage: 55 x 40 x 23 cm).

Travelers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users

We do not recommend this tour for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. Greenland Travel’s advice regarding difficulty levels on our excursions is intended for travelers who are not disabled. We are always happy to provide you with information on the suitability of the trip, taking into account the specific needs you may have. Please note that our advice is not based on medical knowledge, and ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to decide if a tour is right for you.

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Find Santa Claus in Greenland

4 days around Kangerlussuaq

Join us in our search for Santa Claus in the great Greenlandic nature in the Kangerlussuaq area. Four wonderful days with the Ice Sheet, northern lights, musk oxen, sled dogs, and lots of playing in the snow.

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