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With this map of Greenland you can get a sense of the countrys size. You might discover that all the towns and settlements are located near the coastline, as the middle og Greenland is covered in a huge layer of ice and snow.

Do you want to know more about the towns and settlements of Greenland?

This map of Greenland gives you an overview of where the towns and settlements are located near the coastline. As most of Greenland is covered by the Ice Sheet, about 80%, the Greenlanders have to live closer to the coastline, leaving most of the countrys middle deserted. Furthermore there are no transportation options between towns and settlements, other than flying either by plane or helicopter or sailing. This is because there are no roads between them which in turn means that you can’t drive.

Read more about the towns and settlements in Greenland.

"..Greenland for me was staggering in its beauty, size, remoteness and rawness.."

Ursula Mattson

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