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Visit Eqi and the calving glacier

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Go on a day trip to the Eqi glacier or stay for one or a few nights at Glacier Lodge Eqi.

Visit Eqi Lodge and the calving glacier

Go explore at the Eqi glacier

Boat trips and overnight stays at the Eqi Glacier are some of our most popular excursions. The trips are arranged in co-operation with our subsidiary World of Greenland. They built the beautifully located, ecological cabin village with a view of the calving glacier at Eqi. Go on a day trip to the glacier or stay for one or a few nights at Glacier Lodge Eqi. The village is open from the middle of June through the middle of September.

You leave Ilulissat in the morning. The boat trip is about 50 miles and duration of the trip is between 2 to 5 hours – depending on the boat you’re traveling with. We always use safe, modern boats to get to the Eqi Glacier. We turn north and follow the coast line. At first, we pass Bredebugt (“Wide Bay”) north of Ilulissat Airport. Then we head for the settlement called Oqaatsut. Thereafter, we cross the large fjord system Pakitsoq, where we might get to spot seals and whales.

Further north, we pass through the Ataa straight, which is surrounded by distinctive, steep mountains full of bird life and waterfalls. Finally we get to the Eqi Glacier. Our boat will be floating in the water in front of the glacier for an hour or two and wait for calving ice. In the meantime, you get to enjoy a lovely lunch on the water.

At about 2:30 pm, our boat arrives at Port Victor, Glacier Lodge Eqi’s ”harbor”. Those who get to stay the night at Glacier Lodge Eqi leave the boat, and everyone else stays on board. Are you on a day trip, you will now return back to Ilulissat following the same route as when you arrived.

Tents in the wilderness

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, you can always stay in a lovely cabin. On top of that, now you get the opportunity to spend the night in a comfortable tent in the wilderness!

They are large tents with a lot more space and comfort. In our tents, you can stand up, go to sleep in a real bed and all tents are equipped with all the necessary furniture.

There are windows that allow for a lot of light and a lovely atmosphere in the tent. All tents are built upon a wooden platform above the ground, with a great terrace in front of each of them. This lets you enjoy the direct view over the calving glacier. You’ll find sheets and towels in each tent and you have access to the joint bathing and toilet facilities next to Café Victor.

Vildmarkstelstene ligger med god udsigt til Eqi gletsjeren - Fotograf:
Det nordiske design i vildmarksteltene er flot og simpelt - Fotograf: World of Greenland

Spend the night in a cabin in Glacier Lodge Eqi

Glacier Lodge Eqi consists of 15 cottages and a community house.

The cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi all consist of one large room. In the standard cabins, you have a double bed and two couches that can be used if you are more than two people. The comfort cabins are furnished with a double bed and a sofa. Also, you have a separate bathroom in the Comfort Cabins.

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, you can choose whether you want to stay in one of the Comfort Cabins with private bathroom, shower, and heated floors, or whether you want basic conditions in a Standard Cabin with shared bath and toilet facilities. One thing goes for all cabins; they have a fantastic view of the glacier.

It is up to you whether you want to book the cottages for 1, 2, 3, or 4 people. When you stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi, you will have your own cabin. You will not share a cabin with anyone other than your fellow travelers.

Sov Godt I En Hytte Ved Eqi
Hytterne ved Eqi på en solrig dag - Fotograf: Grønlands Rejsebureau
Sov godt i en standard hytte ved Eqi - Fotograf: World of Greenland
Standardhytterne ved Eqi i Grønland - Fotograf: Grønlands Rejsebureau