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Try a snowshoe hike and experience winter excursions in areas where not everyone can go. Greenland has magnificent nature, and on snowshoes, you have many ways to discover it.

In Ilulissat, you can go snowshoeing with our subsidiary, World of Greenland. The winter landscape is covered by beautiful snow, which can make it difficult to explore the world heritage area outside the path. With snowshoes on your feet, it is a lot easier!

Snowshoeing in Ilulissat

In winter, the markings on the longer hiking routes are often covered by snow, but with a local guide and on snowshoes it becomes easier to experience the area.

On a snowshoeing trip, you go out on the so-called yellow route that starts at the power plant and follows the edge of the fjord close to the mouth of Ilulissat Ice Fjord, where the large icebergs are stranded on a sandbank.

During the excursion, you will have ample time to take photographs and enjoy the panoramic view of the Sermermiut Valley, the icebergs, and the Disco Bay.

To go on this trip, you do not need to have any experience using snowshoes, because everyone can learn to move safely through the landscape with these. However, you should be aware that it is a hike of medium difficulty.


Put on Your Snowshoes and Enjoy the Arctic Nature

We Greenlanders really love our country, and wherever there is nature, we go. So that is basically everywhere. The scenic surroundings are magnificent, and you get a feeling of freedom that you rarely feel in other places.

Put on your snowshoes and experience silence and nature beyond the ordinary in this arctic paradise. The scenic surroundings are magnificent, and you get a feeling of freedom that you don’t get anywhere else. Greenland is unique with its lively towns in the middle of areas of beautiful nature. The contrasts can take your breath away.

We hope you get the opportunity to walk on the paths, where you can see large rock formations and raw nature on one side and beautiful purple flowers in full bloom on the other. Greenland’s nature is beyond comparison and should definitely be experienced.

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