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Group trips

Many people decide to go to Greenland on group trips, and we have worked with all types of groups.

We take pride in making an itinerary that fits the individual group’s needs and desires. Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of groups. Here are some examples:

  • boards or network groups who wish to have meetings with Greenlandic partners in their program
  • study groups from companies, universities, other schools, or interest groups that want to look up specific locations and perhaps meet some experts
  • associations that want to set up and do specific activities, like hiking, singing in a choir, paddleboarding, kayaking, etc
  • school groups who often have contacts in Greenland whom they want to visit
  • families or people who once lived in Greenland and want to see it again and show the younger generations what it looks like. Often, three generations travel together and to go to the specific town where they once lived. They often combine it with a trip to other towns
  • families or groups of friends who want their very own itinerary

Contact us with your ideas and wishes for your trip, and we will make sure that you get an itinerary that fits your budget. We make a complete package trip with everything from flights, transportation, accommodation, and activities. The more we pack together, the simpler it will be for you. Our strength is that we are so well-acquainted with Greenland and all destinations, transportation means, accommodation, and excursions.

Karin Jensen

Karin Jensen has made trips to Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland for over 30 years and can always help you with advice and unique travel suggestions. Karin knows group travel in and out and always makes sure that you get the discounts and benefits that traveling in a larger group offers.

Call Karin directly on +45 33 76 62 31 or send an email to kj@greenland-travel.dk