Experience the Inland Ice Cap in Greenland - summer or winter


The Ice Cap in Greenland stretches 2,400 km from north to south and is up to 1,100 km wide. The Ice Cap covers 80% of Greenland. Highest point is 3,238 meters above sea level but the thickest part of the sheet is more than that, ca. 3,500 meters.

Walk on the Ice Cap - it is easy accessible
You do not need to be an adventurer and it does not take special equipment to get to walk on the Ice Cap. From Kangerlussuaq, the main gateway to Greenland, you can go on one of the very popular Ice Cap excursions. With a special vehicle we drive through arctic landscape and reaches the Ice Cap after 30 km. From there it is just a 10 minuttes walk and then you are actually walking on ice. It is safe and an unforgetable experience.

Other places to get close to the Greenland Ice Cap
Kangerlussuaq is by far the easiest gateway to the Ice Cap, however you can reach the Ice Cap by feet more places in Greenland. In South Greenland you can walk to the Ice Cap in a day and the same goes for Ice Camp Eqi far north in the Disco Bay.

Sailing to the Ice Cap
You can reach some of the glaciers from the Ice Cap by boat several places in Greenland. Especially in South Greenland and in the Disco Bay the possibilities are very good. The Eqi glacier in the Disco Bay is very popular.

The fiord of eternity
The fiord of eternity on the west coast of Greenland is a wonderful place possible to reach by boat - normally on a special cruise. This place takes your breath away!

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