Travel with Greenlands coastal ship


The highway of Greenland
The ocean is Greenland’s highway connecting the coastal towns on the west coast. To experience Greenland from the sea side is something special and Greenlanders have always benefitted from the sea - not only of pure necessity and survival, but also because of the amazing nature.

The coastal ship in Greenland sails along the west coast of Greenland and Sarfaq Ittuk, the name of the ship, is a comfortable, safe and very cosy ship. In size it is relative smaller than bigger cruise ships and thus the ship is able to port a very small settlements and sail very close to whales and icebergs.

Combine land and coastal ship
If you prefer to spend time on land as well as on sea we offer you various packages where you can combine this and spend only a part of your vacation at the coastal ship. You get the best of both worlds.

Coastal ship in Greenland - Arctic Umiaq Line

Special cruise with coastal ship
In 2012 we offer one departure with the coastal ship where you get to see places which can only be reached by boat. The coastal ship is operating outside time tables and follows the special designed route for this special cruise.

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