Visit and spend nights in Glacier Lodge Eqi by the Eqi glacier


The Eqi Glacier
Few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi Glacier, 70 km north of Ilulissat in Disco Bay. The Eqi Glacier is one of the most active glaciers in Greenland and is constantly calving and breaking gigantic pieces of ice into the fjord.  You can get very close to the edge of the glacier by boat and see the massive pieces break off. The thunderous crashes are enormous and the sight of icebergs plunging into the sea is impressive.

Glacier Lodge Eqi
The Glacier Lodge Eqi has 10 small but very comfortable cabins just opposite the Eqi Glacier. All the cabins have beautiful views of the fjord and the glacier. You can choose between the Standard cabin and the Comfort cabin. The Standard cabin has a private toilet - dry closet and wash bowl, whereas the Comfort cabins have a private shower, water closet toilet and heating system all powered by solar energy. Furthermore, both types of cabins include bed linen and towels.

Hiking around the Glacier Lodge Eqi
There are numerous great hiking routes in the area: to the lagoon, the moraine or even to the Inland Ice Cap. The hike to the Ice Cap takes about a day, so you will need to spend the night at the Glacier Lodge Eqi.

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